10 rock bands that got better with age

The greatest enemy of almost every rock and roll star has to be the passage of time. No one can pretend to be 21 forever, and there comes a time when you’re going to have to mix things up to keep up. It’s usually a pretty big moment for groups, but each of those groups knew how to play the game properly.

Going through each of these acts, they’ve managed to keep the creative spark going long after their peak, creating some great songs in their back catalog that have kept them moving through the decades. Even though some of these bands may have been latecomers, they still managed to write their best material long after the fact, with some of them being in their 40s by the time they started doing the “classic” stuff. that people love today. . It also doesn’t mean that each of these artists arrived late to the party.

By sticking around for the long term, these musicians were taking care of themselves for the long haul, looking to keep the fire going and create something that creatively excites them just as much as they did when they were in their garages trying to chop things up. . The sprint to stardom may entice a lot of people, but the marathon is always worth it, and each of these acts sought to last far beyond just trending.

If you saw the kind of shenanigans Sum 41 got into in its early days, chances are you didn’t want to bet any money on them to get really far. Just listening to a song like Fat Lip from their debut album sounded like the kind of band that had a few pop punk jams in their arsenal, only to be forgotten a few years later when the trends changed again. However, as these trends changed, Sum was unwilling to follow the program.

Students of the old school of rock and roll, the band marked a turning point on their album Chuck, taking the same pop punk tropes they were known for and injecting metallic influences into the mix. Although they always had a decent amount of shred in their style, this was the time when they weren’t ashamed of their chops, with songs like The Bitter End being straight thrash tracks that no one else not even thought in pop punk circles.

While some band members have come and gone, each record has remained a new turning point for the band, from the ambitious sounds behind Screaming Bloody Murder to becoming a hard rock band later in life on albums like Order in Decline, with no less than three guitarists in tow. Not bad for a few kids who started out as the soundtrack to every middle schooler’s pool party.

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