Month: August 2020

The day five hard-rock groups released heartbreaking albums

For Alice in Chains, their first album facelift represented an introduction to rock fans around the world. The group cut their teeth in Seattle, hosting house parties and local clubs as part of the burgeoning grunge movement. The band’s distinct sound caught the attention of Columbia Records, who quickly signed a recording contract with Alice […]

2000s rock bands that looked like Nickelback (but better)

Do you remember when rock and roll ruled the airwaves? I’m not talking about the Rolling Stones or Motley Crue. I’m talking about that clean modern rock of the early 2000s, when all the rock bands that appeared were just Nickelback carbon copies. Rock had long been headed in a more commercial direction, but the […]

Best Alternative Disney Covers | Rock Bands Covering Disney Songs

Was there ever a more universally beloved album than disneymania? Since we first heard Aaron Carter and Christina Aguilera, among other famous artists, covering our favorite classics circa 2002, we couldn’t get enough of disney song remakes. Unsurprisingly, given the longstanding affiliation between Disney and hot topic, alternate versions of our favorite show songs are […]

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