Month: December 2020

Top 10 new albums by classic rock artists in 2020

Like many industries, the music industry has not functioned as it normally would. In many ways, these effects were negative. Many tours have been canceled or postponed, and some artists have struggled with considerable health problems. If there was a bright spot in coming out of “the break”, it would be that some artists have […]

Miley Cyrus Redefines Rock Music with “Plastic Hearts” – The Mesa Press

Fans asked and she delivered – Miley Cyrus’ highly anticipated rock album, “Plastic Hearts” is a tribute to every version of herself. With mixed reviews, critics saw the album as a relentless quest to hide the image of his past, a way for Cyrus to shamefully cover up the awkward and questionable era of Bangerz, […]

Not “The Beatles” | The best classic rock bands that should be among the greatest of all time

The Beatles are probably the face of “Classic Rock”. The iconic band changed the face of rock music, but is it possible that their popularity has eclipsed the popularity and respect that several other bands deserve? This article will tell you about 8 of these classic rock bands and explain why we think they are […]

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