Month: May 2021

10 times rock bands have destroyed their instruments, their environment, each other

Breaking your guitar was considered a rite of passage in rock, sending this beloved Fender to the grave in a rain of strings and frets – but some bands take it a step further, wreaking havoc not only on their guitars, but also on stage, record label bathrooms. or each other. With so many broken […]

Miley Cyrus posts roasting meme of men who love her classic rock covers

The world of music criticism is almost two decades away from the rise of poptimism, but recent years have scratched the veneer of pop music’s apparent acceptance thanks to vocally surprised reactions to projects like Taylor Swift’s. Folklore and that of Olivia Rodrigo Sour – not to mention all the panic about Phoebe Bridgers smashing […]

Robert Fripp and Toyah Cover Scorpions Classic, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Unveil New Limited Edition Product |

King Crimson mastermind Robert Fripp and his wife Toyah are back with another rocking cover, this time of the classic Scorpions, Rock You like a hurricane. The duo’s latest entry Sunday lunch the video series arrived May 23 on YouTube. “Toyah, Robert and Sidney release another classic with a touch of feline variety,” wrote the […]

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Classic rock cover band Sheepdip gearing up for summer tour

It’s Wednesday night and the music coming out of the Spillmore is initially low as you carefully navigate the bumpy dirt road beside Pool Pond in Rindge. The tunes coming out of the cabin are familiar, but the song and lyrics in particular aren’t clear until the doors open to reveal the full extent of […]

Two rock bands added to the New York State Fair lineup | Local News | Auburn, New York State |

A modern hard rock band and ’80s radio staple have been added to the lineup of acts scheduled for the New York State Fair this summer. According to a press release, Halestorm, a hard rock quartet, will make their first appearance at the fair as part of the Chevrolet Music Festival. Sister and brother Lzzy […]

Singer-songwriter Dina Dove mixes rock music and catchy melodies in one original song

Armed with an electric guitar and a heritage of rock’n’roll, Dina Dove takes off. Dove, whose name is Ruth Buergenthal, is a second year music and industry history student who will bring rock music and catchy melodies together with her electric guitar in this year’s Spring Sing. Growing up under the influence of high-energy bands […]

Why rock music needs to do more to support its artists – Kerrang!

Not everyone, of course, is as strong-willed as Danny, and unlike him, many musicians suffer from poor mental health as well. Add to that an industry that often exploits those it makes money from, even the strongest will can be overwhelmed. Ginger Wildheart, the 56-year-old frontman of The Wildhearts – whose 2019 mini-LP, Diagnosis, deals […]

Historicity of music | Music Genres, Part 2: British vs American Rock Music | Entertainment

Which is better: UK rock music or US rock music? Continuing our review of musical genres, the answer to this question, provided at the end of today’s episode, is already known to astute readers familiar with previous columns of Music Historicity. Much like the issue of CDs versus vinyl albums, a discussion of rock music […]

How the Pakistani group defended rock music in the subcontinent

As Pakistan teetered under President Zia-ul Haq’s oppressive cultural repression in the 1980s, a groundbreaking rock music scene was brewing underground in universities and five-star hotels. Pop rock group Strings, formed in 1988 in Karachi, was a solid pillar of this movement, capturing the imaginations of millions of people not only in Pakistan, but across […]

New Wave of Classic Rock album tracklist and trailer capturing the spirit of the Zeitgeist unveiled

The tracklist of the next compilation album The Official New Wave of Classic Rock – Volume 1 is out. The album, which brings together many of rock’s brightest rising stars, features many names who have packed their bags Classic rock‘s Tracks Of The Week over the past few years. “We’ve been exploring the possibility of […]

Classic Rock Authors Bring New Music Show to Huntley Community Radio

Since the early 1970s, veteran concert photographer Jim Summaria from Algonquin has captured acts of the classic rock era in concert halls in and around Chicago. With friend and writer Mark Plotnick of Libertyville, the two co-wrote “Classic Rock – Photographs from Yesterday and Today” (Amherst Media, Buffalo NY). James Eggers, executive director of WHRU […]

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