AC / DC Top Classic Rock’s Top Albums Of Year Poll 2021 in review

Kevin Wiggins | 04/12/2021

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AC / DC had a big comeback in 2020 and it paved the way for them starting this year with the honor of being the top 50 Classic Rock Albums poll of 2020 with their latest effort “Power Up” and earned them a story in the top 21 as of January 2021.: AC / DC topped the Classic Rock 50 Best Album poll of 2020 with their latest “Power Up” effort.

As part of the year special, Classic Rock reached out to lead guitarist Angus Young and frontman Brian Johnson to ask them about their favorite songs from the effort.

Angus said, “I really like the opening track, Realize. But I like them all – Rejection, Shot In The Dark, Wild Reputation, Demon’s Fire… and Money Shot is a big song. biased, you know? “

Johnson, on the other hand, couldn’t pick a favorite. He said, “No! Don’t ask me that. It’s like trying to pick your favorite Beatles song. It’s not going to happen.

“And if I pick one, I won’t change my mind until tomorrow. The first thing I said to Angus when I got a copy of the album was, ‘Damn, I don’t envy the man who has to pick a single from that bunch. ‘”Watch the” Shot In The Dark “video below:

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