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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Starting August 30, Alliance Health Centers is adding OB-GYN services, including prenatal and postpartum care for pregnancy, as well as general gynecological care and screenings. Representatives say the additional services will improve access to OB-GYN care in southeast Fort Wayne, with the goal of improving the community’s overall maternal and child health.

To bring OB-GYN services to its clinic, Alliance Health Centers partnered with Parkview Health, including Parkview Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Parkview Physicians Group, who lease several OB-GYN providers to the clinic.

Parkview posted the following:

As the number of patients increases, the clinic plans to have up to three midwives, an OB nurse practitioner and two OB-GYN physicians from the Parkview Physicians Group who will see patients at the clinic on a rotating basis.

OB patients will also be able to deliver at Parkview Randallia Hospital, the closest hospital with OB services, creating better continuity in their care from early pregnancy through delivery and postpartum.

“We are grateful for Parkview’s collaborative partnership, as these additional services will help meet a critical need for residents of Southeast Fort Wayne,” said Brooke Lockhart, CEO of Alliance Health Centers. “Because we are focused on serving those who face barriers to receiving care, our clinic will not only provide OB-GYN services, but will also serve as a link to community resources, registration for health coverage and our existing primary care and behavioral health services. This model of integration and support helps us to better respond to the needs of our community.

“Parkview is proud to expand our work with Alliance Health Centers, as the clinic is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality care in a way that not only meets clinical needs, but overall well-being,” said Thomas Miller, MD, Executive Physician, Women and Children’s Service Line, Parkview Health. “We know that services such as early pregnancy care and routine screenings are key to improving maternal and child health outcomes. But we must also consider the barriers to receiving care, which a Community Health Center is designed to overcome, in order to make a real difference to the Southeast Fort Wayne community.

Alliance Health Centers is a nonprofit community health center and federally licensed health center look-alike located within Lafayette Medical Center, 2700 Lafayette St., Suite 110, Fort Wayne. In addition to OB-GYN care, the clinic offers behavioral health and primary care services. A full-time primary care physician and nurse practitioner sees patients of all ages, providing parents with an accessible option for ongoing healthy child visits and other primary care services for their family.

The clinic offers a sliding scale reduction in fees for services (available to those who qualify) and will not turn anyone away for inability to pay. A Certified Indiana Navigator is on hand to assist all area residents, not just patients, with claims for Indiana health coverage programs such as Medicaid. Additionally, the clinic refers patients to community resources for needs such as housing and assistance with utilities.

All Alliance Health Center providers are accepting new patients. To make an appointment, call 260-266-0780.

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