Cannibal Corpse + Deicide Members Drop New Classic Rock Song

The members of Cannibal Corpse and Deicide first started discussing a rock supergroup called Umbilicus in the summer of 2020, and they just released their first-ever single, a classic rock track called “Hello Future.”

Umbilicus features Cannibal Corpse’s Paul Mazurkiewicz on drums, Deicide’s Taylor Nordberg on guitar, Anarchus bassist Vernon Blake and Fore vocalist Brian Stephenson. According to their Facebook page, they officially announced their formation in December 2021 and confirmed earlier this month that their debut album Path of the 1000 suns will be released via Blood Blast Distribution later this year.

Today we have a first look at the disc with “Hello Future”. Listen to the song and discover its lyrics below.

“Hello Future! Here we are, we made it!” Stephenson said of the track [via Metal Injection]. “It’s time for the world to hear what we’ve put our time and effort into. We couldn’t be happier with this debut single and the album! Real rock dirty and simple, straight forward and direct.’ n’ roll for the people. It’s been a labor of love in every way and a true journey from conception to birth. Here he kicks and screams in all his glory!”

“Me and my brothers Taylor, Paul and Vern’s hearts couldn’t be filled with more joy for all of you to experience this with us,” the singer continued. “We are Umbilical and we play rock ‘n’ roll. Dig it! Lots of love and peace to all of you past, present and future!”

Umbilical, ‘Hello Future’ Lyrics

It elevates me
and get me down
i’m about to run
I got stranded
Better to sit back
And rest
This life is starting to test me

i had the sun
For my part
And the moon hangs over me
in the dark it slips
but i will continue
with my loneliness
I prefer to be alone
Than to live about this mess

The times are changing
Or so it seems
The oceans are drying up
And the concrete crawls
People divide by colors
And the misconceptions
What does it all mean

There is no promise
In this country
the sweat and the back is broken
And the hand is calloused
I will continue to keep
on with that
No amount of gold could buy my soul
Or darken my happiness

They made a line
We won’t cross
But I step over it
To shake hands with ghosts
As they line their pockets with honest money
But none of this is theirs
And none of this can last

I have to run to clear my brain
Make way for happiness
let go of the pain
Hello future, goodbye past
find yourself some peace and make it last

He has a lot of money
but he has no time
He has a family
But he has no time
It was a great idea
Or so it seemed
One more step on that ladder rung
Of his great American dream

Umbilical – ‘Hello Future’

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