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“I miss part of the slop”

In a recent interview with classic rock magazine, Motley Crue bassist and main songwriter Nikki Sixx lamented the current state of music, calling most of what he hears today “extremely overproduced” Advertising. Scroll to continue reading. “My criticism is that it is extremely overproduced in many cases,” 6x said. “It’s ProTooled to death, it’s cut […]

🇧🇬 Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project promises a “Classic Modern Rock Show”

Intelligent Music Project has hinted at what viewers can expect from their performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Ahead of their departure to Turin for the Eurovision Song Contest, Intelligent Music Project spoke to BNT about their expectations and plans for the contest in Turin. Slavin Slavchev, a vocalist of the group, said in […]

Top 20 Modern Rock Singers

Jeff Rosenstock (Photo: Scott Legato/Getty), Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo (Photo: Christopher Postlewaite), Annie Clark (Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty), Eva Hendricks of Charly Bliss (Photo: Lisa Lake/Getty)Picture: Natalie Peeples There are a lot of great rock records out there, albums that have changed lives for the better in countless ways. But we have all had the […]

Electrifying and inspiring modern rock music: Dark Water Collective releases an exhilarating new album

‘Waiting for Apophis’ is a concept album that encapsulates a myriad of emotions in an innovative and creative way. Dark Water Collective has released a highly anticipated modern rock album titled “Waiting for Apophis” which follows a protagonist’s tumultuous journey as they navigate through life. It is a concept album that explores the main character’s […]

An Indy radio host with old-school sensibilities brings modern rock to local listeners – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather forecast

It’s seven in the morning on a Friday. Matt Pelsor takes a giant sip of what he describes as “gas station coffee” before leaning into the microphone at his WTTS studio and offering an intro to the upcoming single. Pelsor has all the facts about upcoming tracks, like the jocks of a bygone era who […]

Rejuvenate Modern Rock Flavors With Lakotah’s Latest Single “Silver Eyes”

Rising rock artist Lakotah is creating a new wave of creativity with his latest track “Silver Eyes”. The title is available on the main music platforms. (ProNewsReport Editorial): – Los Angeles, Calif. November 23, 2021 ( – Stunning musical arrangement and unwavering vocal skills come together in the final track ‘Silver Eyes’ by none other […]

The historic Ellen Theater reopens; Modern rock orchestra star performance

When the historic Ellen Theater reopens this fall, Guitar One Records recording and touring artist Grant Ferguson is a featured act, performing at 7 p.m. Friday, November 5, with his Modern Rock Orchestra (MRO ), which was recently sold out. held in Billings, MT. Ferguson, based at Red Lodge, has built a loyal following with […]

Satellite Pilot’s New Album Is A Whimsical Take On Modern Rock – The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Collegian Album Reviews Graphic (Katrina Clasen | The Collegian) Loveland, Colorado, indie pop group Satellite pilot recently released their sixth full-length album, the eponymous “Satellite pilot. “The 11-track album shows the band flourishing in the era of psychedelic pop, their music a celebration of the past, present and future. Satellite pilot The music is a […]

Satellite Pilot’s new album is a whimsical take on modern rock – The Rocky Mountain Collegian

College Albums Review Chart (Katrina Clasen | The Collegian) Loveland, Colorado, indie pop group Satellite pilot recently released their sixth full album, the self-titled “Satellite pilot.” The 11-track album shows the band thriving in the age of psychedelic pop, their music a celebration of past, present and future. satellite driver music is an engaging and […]

Charvel MJ Dinky HSH Mahogany review: the new must-have guitar for modern rock |

Although now built primarily in Mexico and the United States, by the late 1980s Charvel guitars were made exclusively in Japan. Japanese rock guitars from the golden age of shred are praised by a certain breed of players, and Charvel’s new MJ series – which also includes signature models for Guthrie Govan and YouTuber Rick […]

Inhailer Radio Celebrates Four Years of Modern Indie Rock Return to Cincinnati

Inhaling Radio gives Cincinnati what it lacks.Photo: Abe B. Ryokan At the lowest point of the Cincinnati music scene just a few years ago, there was no radio arena that featured independent music performers and local performers. But then Inhailer Radio came along to bring underground indie music to Cincinnati and beyond, just when the […]

Keith Richards: Modern rock music has been “synthesized to death” – Music News

The Rolling Stones guitarist bluntly insisted that there is no such thing as “new rock ‘n’ roll” and called the overuse of synths today “cheap and cheesy.” In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Keith said, “There is no new rock and roll. It is pointless. “There are great musicians and great singers and everything. […]

Theater and Music Students Perform Modern Rock Musical “Spring Awakening” on UM Stage | Arts & Theater

Update: UM has canceled future performances of “Spring Awakening” due to concerns about the coronavirus. Call the box office at 406-243-4581 for more information on refunds. In a show demanded by students at the University of Montana for years, the School of Drama and Dance partners with the School of Music for a production of […]

Q&A: Guitarist Zack Feinberg talks about Revivalists’ place in modern rock

Modern rock often struggles to stay innovative and avoid clichés. The Revivalists try to separate themselves from the plethora of groups facing this problem with their energetic live performances. The New Orleans-based eight-person rock band released their fourth album, “Take good care,“ in November 2018, and will perform at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles […]

Hollis Brown Set to Create Modern Rock Classic with “Ozone Park” Album Premiere – Billboard

After surviving a retro label on her previous efforts, Hollis Brown entered the new album Ozone park – released on June 7 and featured exclusively below – with a mission. “I think we wanted to make a statement that rock music can still be played in a modern way, but it’s still as good as […]

Modern ’80s rock band The Dream Syndicate continues with “These Times”

SEATTLE, WA – AUG 31: Jason Victor, Steve Wynn and Mark Walton of The Dream Syndicate … [+] performs at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival on August 31, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Suzi Pratt / FilmMagic) MovieMagic The Dream Syndicate, the alternative rock band associated with Los Angeles’ Paisley Underground scene from […]

While traditional modern rock searches for soul, post-punk is on the rise

It’s no secret that traditional modern rock bands have struggled in recent years. If you know where to look, you’ll always find a seemingly endless amount of great music, but if you haven’t done your due diligence, you might just feel like the genre is lacking air. Bands like Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Bastille and […]

Review: Tal National and modern high-octane rock from Africa

Sidi Touré, Toubalbero | 1/2BKO, Mali Foli Coura | 1/2Tal National, Tantabara | ??Imarhan, Temet | ?? With American rock bands looking for avant-garde EDM and elsewhere for a rejuvenation of the genre, African electric guitars and traditional instruments once again yawn, scream and crack with new intensity after some kind of interruption. of the […]

Ty Segall has all the modern rock essentials on a self-titled new track

Garage rock artists like Ty Segall are key to mainstream rock music. Everything about his music screams retrospective rock ‘n’ roll, while keeping the genre fresh through the use of heavy distortion. Artists like Segall, through their indie-tinged approach to rock, are responsible for summer festival-goers rapping their flower crowns to massive pop tunes masked […]

UVA’s Klezmer Ensemble blends modern rock with Jewish tradition

On Thursday, traditional Jewish music met contemporary Yiddish rock in a performance by the University of Virginia’s Klezmer Ensemble, celebrating 10 years under the direction of Joel Rubin. Rubin, an ethnomusicologist and associate professor of music, is widely recognized as a leader in the revival of klezmer music, which flourished in Eastern European Jewish cultures […]

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