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Vundabar’s Brandon Hagen on the plastic reality of making indie rock music in the TikTok era

Brandon Hagen, vocalist/guitarist for Boston-based alternative rock band Vundabar, has spent the last ten years taking ambiguous existential crises and distilling them into song lyrics. Even so, there are still things in life that are just too hard to describe. “I’ll just show you,” he said Billboard of North Hampton, Massachusetts on a Zoom call, […]

Rush’s ‘Moving Pictures’ Gets The 40th Anniversary Edition Treatment

Rush’s extensive series of 40th anniversary albums continues with an expanded edition of the progressive rock band’s breakthrough 1981 release, “Moving Pictures”, cementing its status as a well-deserved classic album. The album released on April 15 is available to fans in a few separate configurations, including the Super Deluxe Edition, 5LP Deluxe Edition, and Single […]

The Go-Go’s Beauty and the Beat changed rock music forever

During the induction of the Go-Go’s at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on October 30, 2021, actress Drew Barrymore spilled a secret: the new wave band’s 1981 album, The beauty and the Beastchanged her life when she heard it at the age of 6. She told the crowd that she “spent hours watching […]

Joey B. Goode and Money Mac Rock Music City to put Bengals in AFC title game

Bengal rookie Evan McPherson (Bengal file photo) through Geoff Hobson as reported by NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Bengals enter next Sunday’s AFC title game on rookie Evan McPherson’s 52-yard field goal that downed the Titans, 19-16 After stuffing fourth-and-first Derrick Henry, Bengals center linebacker Logan Wilson caught cornerback Eli Apple’s deflected pass with 20 […]

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