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21 most iconic rock music from the 80s

The ’80s are best known for punk rock, preppies, funk, New Wave, and voluminous hair. Fashion was outrageous like the music people made. It gave birth to the rap and breakdance that many Millennials now consider old school. However, the 1980s also marked some of the most iconic events in the realm of music. rock […]

Willow Smith was “bullied at school” for liking rock music

Willow Smith is hoping to bring more black performances to the rock music genre after talking about her personal experiences with bullying because of her musical tastes. In an interview with V Magazine, Smith revealed that she faces a backlash because she is black and enjoys genres like rock, metal, and pop-punk. “[B]Being a black […]

Willow Smith says she was bullied for listening to rock music like Paramore

In a recent interview with Magazine V, Willow Smith opens up about her years-long love affair with rock music, calming that she was ‘bullied’ for listening Paramore. Willow Smith released her punk rock single, “Transparent Soul,” earlier this year, with fans and the critics alike seeming to take to this new genre for her immediately. […]

Black Music Month Begins – Daily Local

Black Music Month kicks off this month and features reissues of classics from some of the world’s greatest artists including Charles Mingus, Curtis Mayfield, Milt Jackson & Ray Charles, Zapp & Roger, The Drifters, The Time and Miles’ unreleased music. Davis and Roberta Flack. Influential black artists paved the musical roads for generations to come, […]

Why mythology puts magic in rock music

In January 1989, the New Musical Express brought together three renowned songwriters at the Montague Arms pub in Peckham, south-east London. The magazine touted it as a “pop summit” between Nick Cave’s “unholy trinity”, Mark E Smith of The Fall and Shane MacGowan of The Pogues, who called the group “three intellectual loons.” At this […]

Singer-songwriter Dina Dove mixes rock music and catchy melodies in one original song

Armed with an electric guitar and a heritage of rock’n’roll, Dina Dove takes off. Dove, whose name is Ruth Buergenthal, is a second year music and industry history student who will bring rock music and catchy melodies together with her electric guitar in this year’s Spring Sing. Growing up under the influence of high-energy bands […]

Why rock music needs to do more to support its artists – Kerrang!

Not everyone, of course, is as strong-willed as Danny, and unlike him, many musicians suffer from poor mental health as well. Add to that an industry that often exploits those it makes money from, even the strongest will can be overwhelmed. Ginger Wildheart, the 56-year-old frontman of The Wildhearts – whose 2019 mini-LP, Diagnosis, deals […]

Historicity of music | Music Genres, Part 2: British vs American Rock Music | Entertainment

Which is better: UK rock music or US rock music? Continuing our review of musical genres, the answer to this question, provided at the end of today’s episode, is already known to astute readers familiar with previous columns of Music Historicity. Much like the issue of CDs versus vinyl albums, a discussion of rock music […]

How the Pakistani group defended rock music in the subcontinent

As Pakistan teetered under President Zia-ul Haq’s oppressive cultural repression in the 1980s, a groundbreaking rock music scene was brewing underground in universities and five-star hotels. Pop rock group Strings, formed in 1988 in Karachi, was a solid pillar of this movement, capturing the imaginations of millions of people not only in Pakistan, but across […]

Rock music fans crown South of Eden’s Best American Garage Band in Driven to Perform competition sponsored by Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper

As the winner of the contest, South of Eden will open for Evanescence in a live concert on May 13 After scouring the country for America’s most talented garage bands and opening the vote to fans across the country, Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper have announced the winner of the “Driven to Perform” […]

Rock fans crown America’s Best Garage Band South of Eden in Driven to Perform competition sponsored by Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper

FINDLAY, Ohio – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – After scouring the country to find America’s most talented garage bands and opening the vote to fans across the country, Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper announced the winner of the “Garage Band Contest” Driven to Perform ”. It’s official, South of Eden will take home the winning […]

15 years ago emo took over the world and changed rock music forever – Kerrang!

Fall Out Boy’s Black Clouds And Underdogs tour wrapped up in May, including a victorious headliner at the first-ever Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds Millennium Square. They then entered the studio with producer Babyface, as Pete reflected more on the flourishing emo scene. “Everyone’s little black hearts are going to break,” he said of the […]

John Cooper of Skillet says his mother “Jesus Freak” felt rock music was “the devil’s greatest tool”

In a new interview with “The Dr Jeff Show”, John cooper, the leader and bassist of Grammy– nominated Christian rock group SKILLET, spoke about his musical education and his introduction to rock music. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “My parents were Christians. My mother was a fanatic Jesus freak, okay? A Jesus fanatic freak. […]

Pioneer women in heavy metal and hard rock

You can count on two hands the pioneering women of heavy metal and hard rock music. That said, these artists – from the Runaways to Vixen to the late Wendy O. Williams – set the stage. and set the bar high for those who came after. And there are many – the Butcher Babies, Lzzy […]

Finding the Best Sources of Rock Music Online, A Guide

Music, as an art form, offers a lot to the listener. It is not only entertainment, but also a way to temporarily escape the rigors of everyday life. Whatever the genre, a true music lover knows and understands that the world would be dull without him. Nowadays, technology plays a crucial role in the distribution […]

Desert Blues: A Brief Introduction to Northwest African Rock Music

Mélanie Gasmen / THE REVIEWTishoumaren (known as desert blues outside of Africa) is a genre made up of traditional hymns of nomadic Berber tribes steeped in western blues and rock music. THROUGH GERSHOM SHAHID Journalist Rock’n’roll has always been a staple in the Western world and remains one of the most listened to genres in […]

The freshest rock music comes from the Sahara desert: three essential artists

The image of the Sahara Desert with camels, tents, and robed men playing Fender guitars is a confusing but incredibly cool thing to see. When most people think of rock music, they rarely associate it with African culture. The modern guitar, especially electric, is mainly assumed by Western culture. But for the Tuaregs, the guitar […]

Victorian rock music artist STEVE MOFFITT continues to raise the bar with his addictive, classic rock sound

MFinely using contrasting sound elements to organize his melodic line, an artist who greatly shaped the genre of rock with his unique, nostalgic and powerful sound is STEVE MOFFIT. the Music Artist Victoria Rock encases a deep passion for the rock scene and draws influence from blues, rock, soul and adult contemporary sounds to connect […]

Phil Spector, producer who transformed rock music, dies in prison at 81

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Phil Spector, the eccentric and revolutionary music producer who transformed rock music with his “Wall of Sound” method and was later convicted of murder, has passed away. He was 81 years old. California State Prison officials said he died of natural causes in a hospital on Saturday. Spector was convicted of […]

2020 sales data shows rock music’s enduring popularity is based entirely on classical rock

Most of the biggest rock albums of the year were hit collections. According to a recent report by MRC Data (formerly Nielsen Music), R & B / hip-hop remains the most popular musical genre in the United States. In 2020, R & B / hip-hop accounted for 28.2% of the total volume of music consumed, […]

Miley Cyrus Redefines Rock Music with “Plastic Hearts” – The Mesa Press

Fans asked and she delivered – Miley Cyrus’ highly anticipated rock album, “Plastic Hearts” is a tribute to every version of herself. With mixed reviews, critics saw the album as a relentless quest to hide the image of his past, a way for Cyrus to shamefully cover up the awkward and questionable era of Bangerz, […]

Classic rock music remains popular for good reason – The Renegade Rip

Classic rock music is the type of music that many older generation people have been listening to for many years.According to media marketing firm Hubbard Chicago, people between the ages of 35 and 65 and nearly half of those between the ages of 25 and 34 rate classic rock as their favorite genre.As a youngster, […]

Bland on Blonde: Why the old rock music canon is over | Music

RRock’s headlong rush into the seriousness of the 1970s had many adverse effects. There was progressive rock, jam, no singles to be released – and the idea that the two decades since Elvis had produced enough music of sufficient value to produce a canon. In 1974, like a university English department sending a reading list […]

11 Rain Soaked Classic Rock Music Videos

It’s pretty amazing that classic rock artists have escaped the 70s, 80s and 90s without being electrocuted. After all, one of the most common tropes in music videos of the time – besides diaphanous scarves, quick editing and, shall we say, separate hairstyles – was the rain. Rain buckets, indeed, where some clips are concerned. […]

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