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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – This week, the artists of CLEAN DRAINS FORT WAYNE: Be River SmART take to the streets in the second year of the Friends of the Rivers and City Utilities collaboration.

The collaboration highlights the role of the humble storm sewer in protecting our waterways through the creative masterstroke of storm sewer murals designed by local artists. Each mural is unique, but each communicates the singular message…just rain down the drain.

City Utilities released the following:

With these message-driven storm sewer art murals, Clean Drains Fort Wayne is raising awareness that all trash, grass clippings, dog poop and chemicals that end up in the city’s storm sewers. the city go directly (and untreated) into the three rivers of Fort Wayne.

Clean Drains Fort Wayne has announced the selection of 37 artists who will create the community-wide storm sewer murals this summer and fall.

“This year we had a much more competitive artist application process, and the collection of selected artists represents both emerging and professional artists,” said Alexandra Hall, Artist Coordinator for Clean Drain Fort Wayne.

“This educational initiative has proven to be not only a powerful mechanism for public education and engagement, but also a wonderful platform for creatives in our community.”

Here are the selected artists for the four quadrants and downtown.

northeast and northwest
Note: Artists will be on hand July 16-24 to paint their storm sewer murals
Jennifer Whitelow
Miranda Thomas
Cassidy Merkel
Grace Yencer
Lamb Aubrie
Debera Kuntz
Ava Harris
Scott Easton
Anastasia McNabb
Laura Monnier

South East and South West
Note: the artists will be present from August 13 to 21 to paint their murals on the storm drains
Elisabeth Stavitzke
Kelsey Herber
Amanda McNamara
Meghan William
Lucrece Derloshon
Suzanne Rhee
Bonnie Andrews
autumn fox
fall coffee
Danielle Bloxson
Joan means
Kristy Jahn

Downtown Fort Wayne
Note: the artists will be present from September 10 to 17 to paint their murals on the storm drains
Elizabeth Ea
Lawrence Davis, Jr.
Kari Larsen
Jeremy Strup
Bryan Ballinger
Maria del Pilar Arrieta
Nancy Fritz
Addeline Griswold
Karen Bulmahn
Julia Bridges
Jeff Anderson
Ron Lewis
John Klein
Jake Patten

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