EM On Holiday’s new denim is inspired by classic rock and ’80s Powers ballads

On Repeat is a music series where NYLON interviews our favorite creatives (designers, artists, etc.) about the songs they can’t stop playing while they work. You’re going to want to add them to your playlists and streaming platforms ASAP.

EM On Holiday, formerly known as Holiday The Label, is expanding into a new category just in time for festival season. The Australian fashion line known for its on-trend Instagram-friendly prints launched denim on Thursday, March 10, with two styles of jeans to add to your spring wardrobe.

“For our denim collection, it was about bringing something very classic into a brand that is normally more print and color based,” designer and founder Emma Mulholland told NYLON. The debut collection includes a denim version of the brand’s popular ‘Kokomo’ pants, which comes in an indigo wash. The vintage-inspired straight silhouette is crafted from organic cotton and features two front pockets. There’s also ‘Vacation’, a high waisted, wide leg style and your more traditional jean version with EM On Holiday’s signature smiley flower embroidered on one of the back pockets.

With any new collection, music always plays a major role in inspiring Mulholland. “It can definitely affect mood,” she says. “When designing our denim, we played a lot of classic rock and 80s power ballads. I’ve always been inspired by the 80s and 90s, and I love music and music videos from that era.

Photos courtesy of EM on Vacation

Ahead, Mulholland shares the songs that recently inspired his work for NYLON’s latest edition of “On Repeat.”

“Pleasure And Pain” – Divinyls

“This song is what I’ve been feeling the most for the past two years! Such an amazing song from a super iconic Aussie band.

“Williams Blood” – Grace Jones

“This song has been heavily rotated. I’m sure everyone in the studio is fed up with it, but it has such a sweet sound that only Grace Jones has. She has such an amazing style and is someone we always have in mind.

“Crystal” – New Order

“One of my favorite New Order songs. I often go a year or two without listening to it, then it will appear on a playlist and I’ll start playing it again. I’ve always loved this Peter Saville album cover , so simple and cool, which I kept in mind with the launch of denim.

“Spinning Away” – Brian Eno, John Cale

“When I play, I feel like I’m on a tropical vacation sipping a Mai Tai, so it’s useful for those days when you’re stuck in the studio late and need a little encouragement.”

“Drinking Before the War” – Sinéad O’Conner

“I heard that on Euphoria and I was surprised I had never heard it before – such a powerful piece. Many songs from Euphoria is on our reading lists this year.

“Paradise” – Sade

“When I think of classic and cool style, no one has more than Sade Adu. We listen to ‘Paradise’ a lot.

“Don’t Tell Me Anything” – Madonna

“Nothing raises the mood on a Friday (or Monday) like Madonna. What a catalog – I love that Y2K moment and the music video for the movie is amazing too.

Check out more of EM On Holiday’s denim collection below and pre-order the new launch online now.

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