Four emerging Melbourne rock bands to check out ASAP

Today we’re spotlighting four local Melbourne rock bands to check out if you like your music served in a garage with some psychedelics.

Melbourne’s rock, garage and psych scene is alive and well right now, even though the local venues that support them are still being fucked up by COVID.

These four amazing local bands were supposed to play at the Brunswick Ballroom this Friday for Plebfest which made us very happy before he got the noose at the last minute so we thought we would thank them all. Their Spotify deets are linked below, listen to them all if you know what’s good for you.

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1. Zombeachs

With a solid garage rock sound developed over more than five years of playing in very sweaty and often crowded Melbourne venues, the local five-piece band offer a dominant voice and a very solid reputation for live performances.

The Zombeaches are especially ripe for the picking of Melbourne rock fans following the release of their very mouth-watering 2020 album Well done for the future, who relied on the brilliant mastery of the guitar from their 2016 Celebrate EP and the general unease of tracks like ‘I Wonder If Napalm Tickles At First?’.


Plebfest plebeian hosts have stepped up a gear since their 2017 Adelaide album with their latest EP, 2020’s Job. They blend nicely between loud, howling vocals and their more casual surf work.

They’re just as fun as Zombeaches, writing songs about ‘getting yelled at by homeless people on Victoria Street’ and other relatable stuff. They also have a song called “Give Me Back My Son”. Listen.

Testa Di Cazzo

Testa Di Cazzo left our horizons after releasing two singles in 2019 to return with a final single from Bellissimo that propelled them into our collective consciousness.

They only have three tracks released yet, but they’re a powerful band with a stellar voice, and their latest single ‘Flat Circle’ is a truly impressive cathartic blast. They might have a few surprises in store if you can see them living somewhere.


BIFF brings psychedelic elements, very catchy distorted riffs reminiscent of 70s metal classics and tracks like “Spiritual Distorted Capitalism” to accompany their snarling Australian nasal voice. Great guitars. It’s all good.

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