Fringe Review: Ten Years in 1965

Reviewed: Saturday, March 12, 2022

“You know you have to go through hell before you get to heaven” – Steve Miller.

At arguably one of South Australia’s most serene and picturesque wineries, Shingleback Wines – those words have never been truer. To hear that statement with such vigor, in an atmosphere that many NEED to experience, especially at our point in this strange existence; still more, bellowed so beautifully in a cloudless sky that myself and a host of ability endured; it is heavenly.

Ten years after is a newly developed group. Their live music adaptation isn’t new, in fact it’s been over-narrated and over-the-top. But the music, however, is timeless. Chat with this writer if you must, but a divine glass of Haycutters Salmon Rose and remember the words of David Bowie Ziggy Stardust is a victory, without a doubt and always.

Since the pandemic taught us how hard life can be, we have been blessed in South Africa to continue to entertain ourselves with this value, in a way the world has become envious of.

An event like this would be considered impossible; although repeated, this scribe transcribes about the almost hopeless, but it is a reality. Live music? Dancing? Upright? Check all those boxes with a glass of Fiano from Shingleback and their bioproject; “I was up, I was down” – ZZ Top.

The sextet (mostly) incredibly played four separate sets in five hours and it was invigorating. The flying lizards Money was ironically inspiring in our time of uncertainty and The Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Woman had a bell drive that would inspire Brian Jones – these are just the highlights of what happened in the intro.

Interrupting the hits with a rock ‘n’ roll history quiz between songs, the the spirits kind of got higher, if that can be believed? “Funny” only exists with “Fun”. Neil Young, Cream, Five Man Electrical, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin energized a delightful day. The night was yet to come.

Fortunately, the energy was boosted by Iggy Pop’s True wild child and continued by Janis Joplin’s piece of my heart – in all fairness, these tracks just welcomed nightfall, where the six musicians and the audience are reminded of how amazing the connection of music can be.

Without revealing a whole show, this author will reveal to you that a very enigmatic cover of KISS’s I want rock’n’roll all night long closed an incredibly seductive evening.

Reviewed by Will Oakeshott

Twitter: @teenwolfwill

Location: Shingleback Wines

Season: Until March 13, 2022

Duration: 5 hours

Tickets: $60


Rating out of 5: 3.5 stars

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