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Fab The Duo – Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile (promo photos via Instagram)

out of band Fab the duo celebrates the release of their second EP, Toxic air and attitudes, a collection of high-octane alternative rock tracks with a decidedly modern, queer twist.

They have a current and contemporary vibe with just a index from Broadway’s RENT, making them sound accessible and relatable.

Entirely written during quarantine, Fab The Duo (Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile) has a new message: they are “done”.

Fab the Duo releases its second EP - Toxic Air & Attitudes
Cover of Toxic Air & Attitudes

The five tracks on Toxic air and attitudes are imminent listeners as the guys take us on an alt-pop journey inspired by their own lives.

Lead track “ISFB” (short for “I’m So Fucking Bored”) serves up an agonizing pop-punk anthem about the frustrations of boredom and isolation during quarantine.

“Good Distraction” is their response to that boredom when they tell the world, “I don’t want to be sad for a single day. » (Instinct covered the music video release here).

The temperature drops a little for “The Best Part”, an introspective ballad on acoustic guitar, with strings and intimate harmonies.

“Our First Date” chronicles the day the duo met on Tinder and had a date that would change everything.

And “Somewhere In Delaware” closes the collection with a two-part ballad/punk rock format inspired by Billie Eillish’s “Happier Than Ever”.

Fab The Duo release their new EP ‘Toxic Air & Attitudes’

Featured in notable press as Billboard, the Attorney, HuffPostand Hollywood lifeFab The Duo aims to break societal norms through music and love.

Press Alt gushed in June 2020, writing, “With a powerful message and extraordinary talent, Fab The Duo are a band not to be overlooked.”

As they smash boundaries and stereotypes as the first gay couple to go mainstream in the music industry, they want their fans (or Fabbits) to follow this simple advice: “Be You. Be proud. And be strong!”

Toxic air and attitudes is available for stream on Spotify here, and you can follow the group on Instagram here.

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