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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (ADAMS) – An Indiana distillery with local ties has a playful new take on bourbon. Hotel Tango Distillery has just unveiled its latest offering – a nostalgic toasted marshmallow flavored bourbon.

Hotel Tango Distillery, a veteran-owned brand that creates “premium and disciplined” spirits, has launched its “Shmallow Toasted Marshmallow Bourbon.”

They invite you to come and discover it.

Hotel Tango published the following:

Unmatched in the flavored whiskey category, Shmallow’s versatility and accessible flavor will welcome newcomers to bourbon while offering bourbon lovers a bold new spirit to explore.

Punctuated by the nostalgic flavors of caramelized sugar and smoke, ‘Shmallow takes customers back to their favorite bonfire moments. The new specialty distilled spirits is poised to become a staple for customers to enjoy with friends while gathering around a bonfire or sipping while ringing the weekend bell.

“As the flavored whiskey category continues to grow, we wanted to create a spirit that was as accessible as it was adaptable,” said Travis Barnes, founder and CEO of Hotel Tango Distillery. “’Shmallow is our after-hours version of bourbon. Distilled with the same discipline as all of our spirits, bourbon lovers will appreciate the sweet but not overly sweet flavor profile of ‘Shmallow’, while novice bourbon drinkers will enjoy
want to sip it alone or with their favorite blender.

The playful new bourbon stands out among flavored whiskeys for its versatility. “Shmallow may hold its own in traditional bourbon cocktails, like Hotel Tango’s S’More Old Fashioned, but it’s a friendlier pair for many common cocktail ingredients compared to other flavored whiskeys on the market. .

‘Shmallow is available now online at and at select retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $24.99 per 750ml bottle. Customers can find their nearest dealer by clicking here.

To learn more about Hotel Tango Distillery, visit Indiana’s tasting rooms are located in Fletcher Place, Fort Wayne and Zionsville.

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