Is rock music still used in the video game industry?

Rock music is no longer something people listen to, rather it is a kind of music that has taken root in virtually every aspect of the entertainment industry. From rock songs used to create an iconic soundtrack for films like Guardians of the Galaxy to musicals like Bat out of Hell, which is based on the music of Meat Loaf, rock music has been used in a wide variety of media to create legendary soundtracks.

Rock music constantly plays in the background of our lives, regardless of the type of media we participate in. For example, you could play online casino games and wager using and I still hear rock music. There are actually many slot themed games available on these online platforms that play rock music in the background.

Ever since the dawn of the video game industry, developers have been keen to include rock ‘n roll music in their titles. One of the earliest examples of this is Revolution X, a 1994 arcade shooter that incorporated music from Aerosmith. Since then, game series such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero have given players the opportunity to live out their rock fantasies and play their favorite songs.

Additionally, a more recent action game called Brütal Legend centered on both gameplay and the plot of larger-than-life music and movie star Jack Black. On top of that, it included a number of appearances from iconic rock artists, such as Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister and metal genre icon Ozzy Osbourne. Also due to the fact that music has always been a source of comfort for us, it provides a serotonin boost every time we hear songs from our favorite bands in the video games we love to play.

The relationship between rock music and video games is one that persists to the present day. Gimme Chocolate, the best-known song by Japanese metal idol band BABYMETAL, was included in the final teaser for the recently released video game. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, which offered a more unconventional aspect of rock and roll to the rock and roll genre. The Guardians of the Galaxy video game soundtrack was released for game consoles in 2017 and features artists such as Blondie, Pat Benatar and Def Leppard. Both of these games mentioned are triple-A titles and have been played by thousands of players; therefore, you could argue that rock music is still used in the gaming industry.

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