Kim Gordon perfectly mixes dissonance and classic rock riffage on her new single, Grass Jeans

Kim Gordon – formerly alternative rock pioneers Sonic Youth – is back with a new single, Jean Grass.

This month’s all proceeds from the song – the guitarist / bassist’s first new material since her debut solo album in 2019, No home check-in – will benefit Fund Texas Choice, a nonprofit organization that pays for travel for Texans to abortion clinics.

Recorded with his touring band – consisting of drummer Sterling Laws, guitarist Sarah Register and bassist Camilla Charlesworth – Jean Grass is a powerful reminder of why Gordon is such a legend.

The song’s central riff is a perfect blend of Stones-style bluster, Stooges-like aggression, and New York street intelligence. Naturally, Gordon paints the exterior with many gnarled and dissonant six-string sounds, while Charlesworth explores his new wave influences with melodic and lively bass work.

While she’s proud of herself, the song – which you can check out below – will likely put a smile on the face of any Sonic Youth fan.

“I am often asked” Can music make a difference for people in a political landscape?

“So please join me in helping protect and keep accessible a woman’s right to choose her destiny by purchasing this song and supporting Fund Texas Choice and their collective efforts to secure the access to abortion for all. Thank you. It means a lot. “

In an interview with Guitar world last year, Gordon commented on the enduring influence of Sonic Youth’s signature blend of classic rock and avant-garde influences, which can clearly be heard in Jean Grass.

“I hear quite a bit of dissonance in music these days,” she said. “If that’s something we’ve added to the indie rock vocabulary, from a legacy perspective, that’s pretty cool. Not that we were the first to do it – Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd put dissonance into their music in 1968. I guess you could call them indie rock too.

For more information on Fund Texas Choice, visit the organization’s website.

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