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Explosions, fireworks, massive pyrotechnics that look amazing. We take these things for granted now when we go to see a big spectacular rock. Whether it’s Rammstein going all the way up to 11 with flamethrowers and more, or just a few party lights in the sky at the end of an outdoor concert, everyone’s in it.

As Gene Simmons goes out of his way to point out in the new issue of classic rock, it’s because of Kiss. And he has a point. Go to a Kiss show, and it’s like you walked into Bonfire Night and the 4th of July throwing a joint party.

In this issue, we spoke to Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy about nearly 50 years of the band and live pyrotechnic mayhem ahead of what will be their final UK show, at Download.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve also created a bundle which – in true Kiss style – includes four editions of the new issue, each with a cover dedicated to a different band member. They’re in limited supply, and when they’re gone, they’re gone for good, and they’ll go on sale shortly. So watch this space!

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Also in this issue: Robin Trower, Graham Nash, Church Of The Cosmic Skull, The Sheepdogs, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Jones, Simon McBride, Ghost and more.



After 50 years of building and then supporting The Greatest Show On Earth, Kiss are preparing to open the makeup box one last time and close the door on their remarkable career. As with all greats, we will never see their like again.

sheep dogs
The Sheepdogs are back, with a new album and a killer live set, and their worst days of all worlds are now just a bad memory, but a good one.

summer of rock
We’re not out of the covid woods yet, but live music is finally back, as our summer concert schedule proves, and every day it seems we’re learning more about unique festivals, tours and shows.

jimi hendrix
Sandwiched between his explosive debut are you experienced and dazzling double album electric ladylandJimi Hendrix’s “rock’n’roll science fiction” masterpiece Axe: Bold as love is the heart of his Holy Trinity.

Simon McBride
With his addition to Deep Purple and his breakthrough solo album The fighter, Simon McBride is the virtuoso guitarist of the moment. But behind the “overnight success” lies a story of scams, setbacks and the house fire that nearly killed him.

Rather than suspending your disbelief, Ghost’s Tobias Forge and his Nameless Ghouls put on a fantastic show you want to believe.

Classic Rock 302 - Kiss cover

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Classic Rock 302 - Kiss Bundle Magazine Covers

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The stories behind the song: Robin Trower
Trower backed the good horse when he found inspiration for his biggest, most majestic hit, which helped turn the journeyman guitarist into a guitar hero.

Q&A: Graham Nash
The legendary singer-songwriter on balancing love and anger in his songs, and a project 60 years in the making.

Six Things You Should Know: The Church of the Cosmic Skull
Behind all the cult theatrics of the Nottingham septet is a band that put music first.

The Classic Rock Interview: Steve Jones
Now in his 60s and with the ups and downs of life for someone at least twice his age, the former Sex Pistols guitarist who changed the world recounts classic rock“I don’t want aggro at this stage of the game. I just want to have a good time.

Rock’s biggest review section features new albums from Porcupine Tree, Fantastic Negrito, Michael Monroe, The Sheepdogs, Kreator, Lit, Graham Nash, Jack White, Drive-By Truckers, Steve Earle, Crobot,… Reissues by Ian Hunter, Kiss, Sex Pistols, Al Stewart, Soulfly, Neil Young, Argent, Sparks… DVDs, movies and books on Steve Jones, David Bowie, The Kinks, Big Big Train, Bryan Ferry… Live reviews by Joe Bonamassa, Dream Theater , Killing Joke, Magnum, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Paul Weller, 10cc, Shellac.

Shopping guide: Therapy?
If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little therapy? therapy, here’s our guide to the best of the band’s genre-hopping catalog.

The soundtrack of my life: Justin Hawkins
The Darkness frontman chooses his records, artists and gigs of lasting significance.


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