Manek goes from classic rock to 90s TV

Brady Manek and the UNC basketball walkers continue to have fun on social media, as they go from classic rock to 90s TV in their latest TikTok post.

It’s simple: When the UNC basketball program wins an NCAA tournament game, we get a new post on TikTok from transfer graduate Brady Manek.

In what appears to be a new superstition, Manek, along with Tar Heels players, have been posting TikTok videos to celebrate each particular win. Following Team Sweet 16’s win over UCLA, “Manek and the walk-ons” performed their version of “Your Love” from The Outfield, a video that received over 680,000 views.

Following the Elite Eight team’s victory over St. Peter’s, the band was back, but this time, created their own spin-off of a popular 90s TV show intro.

@bradymanek FINAL FOUR!!!!! @creightonlebo @jwatkins_30 #FinalFour #StillDancing #fyp #NOLA ♬ original sound – HaueterFamily

Manek, along with Jackson Watkins, Rob Landry, Duwe Farris and Creighton Lebo, put together a video based on the theme song for the popular sitcom “Full House.” In just a few days, the band went from covering classic rock to creating their own TV show intro!

Needless to say, this group is having a lot of fun and is determined to keep the superstition alive. I think we can all agree that we would all love to see more “Manek and the Extras” content, especially because it would mean that the UNC basketball program continues to earn NCAA tournament games.

Now that we have all witnessed their latest TikTok masterpiece, the question remains:

What will this group try to cover next? !

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