‘Metal Edge’ Magazine Returns as Website, Classic Rock Archive

It seemed that the dominance of the Internet in the early 2000s marked the end of music publications in print and paper form. But some specialized publications such as Metal edge resist. Readers can now reclaim this 100% rock magazine, after more than a decade of absence, having ceased publication in 2009.

Metal edge was first published by Sterling Publishing in 1985 under the editorship of Gerri Miller. The magazine quickly became known to music lovers for its interviews and, above all, its photographs of rock greats like Metallica, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe.

In 2007, the rock publication was acquired by the Zenbu Media group, alongside the specialist magazine Metal freaks. Two years later, both titles ceased publication due to the economic crisis that print media was going through at the time.

But that time seems to be over: Richard Bienstock, editor-in-chief of metal edge, announced the magazine’s return in a letter to music fans. They can now read Metal edge exclusively online, and find the interviews and reports that made the magazine famous in the 1980s and 1990s.

“At the time, Metal edgeThe mix of exclusive artist interviews, on-stage, behind-the-scenes, in-studio and behind-the-scenes reporting, breaking news and high-quality photography has helped define the look, sound and feel of heavy music,” wrote Richard Bienstock on the Metal edge website. “Now that distinctive voice and perspective is back, as we proudly bring you the all-new Metal edge.”

The return of classic titles

The editor-in-chief mentioned the possibility of publishing, in the future, special and collector’s editions of Metal edge. The magazine has already published an exclusive article with Nikki Sixx and created a special Archive section. There are interviews with Poison’s Bret Michaels, Alice Cooper, Metallica’s James Hetfield and Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe.

Metal edge isn’t the only magazine to rise from the ashes in recent years. The face returned to newsstands in September 2019, after a 15-year absence. At the time, the British publication decided to put Rosalia, Tyler the Creator, Harry Styles and Dua Lipa on the cover of this first new issue.

Particularly popular in the 1980s, The face helped launch the careers of model Kate Moss, photographer Juergen Teller and late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. It ceased publishing its print edition in 2004.

The editors of Q have also decided to resurrect this British music magazine as a newsletter. Music lovers can subscribe to it on the Substack platform and discover weekly interviews with musicians like Miles Kane and Elvis Costello. -AFP

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