Miley Cyrus posts roasting meme of men who love her classic rock covers

The world of music criticism is almost two decades away from the rise of poptimism, but recent years have scratched the veneer of pop music’s apparent acceptance thanks to vocally surprised reactions to projects like Taylor Swift’s. Folklore and that of Olivia Rodrigo Sour – not to mention all the panic about Phoebe Bridgers smashing her guitar SNL. Miley Cyrus pointed out the problem of the apparent disconnect between criticism and actual discourse regarding her music with a slyly humorous meme that made her laugh incontinently on Twitter herself.

The meme, which uses the classic format of text labels on a funny or unusual photo, uses a behind-the-scenes photo from the making of Adam Sandler’s stressful 2019 film. Uncut Gems mock the reactions of skeptical men perpetually expressing surprise at Cyrus’ musical prowess. The photo shows Sandler tagged “Adult Men Saying, ‘I’m Not a Fan, But …'” chasing a screaming young woman titled “Miley Cyrus singing an old rock song” down the street. “I pee,” Miley added herself. ” Who did that ? “

For some background: Miley is quickly becoming about as well known for her classic rock covers as she is for her own modern pop hits, but it wasn’t until she performed the former that many of the aforementioned “grown men” came out of the mix. drink. to recognize it. The obvious implication of the photo is that their contribution is neither necessary nor desired and, given Adam Sandler’s scummy vibes Uncut Gems the character has spent most of the movie airing, which these men would do well to go about their own business if they don’t give Miley all the credit she deserves all the time.

Some of the covers Miley has delivered over the past two years have included Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe,” Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” a four-song NCAA Final Four medley, and most recently, “Dolly Parton” Plastic hearts.

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