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WEST BEND – After its members bumped into each other at West Bend Music Academy four years ago, FallBack, a modern rock-punk-pop group, has toured bars and venues in the area, giving larger performances to a greater number of audiences. The band hope to keep the momentum going as they quickly approach the release this week of their new single, “Save Yourself”.

The band started out by performing covers of classic rock bands, giving them a unique twist.

“We really try to have a really wide range of stuff so that everyone who comes to a show can enjoy it,” said Michael Prasch, guitarist and backing vocalist.

The quartet covers music from classic bands like Queen and ZZ Top to new-age rock bands like My Chemical Romance, The Killers and Three Doors Down.

Lead voice and keyboard Jotham Higginbottom describes their original music as “modern rock with a touch of classical”.

The original three band members, Higginbottom, Prasch, and guitarist and backing vocalist Ben Read, met in a program at West Bend Music Academy in 2017. Local children were placed in a rock band. .

At first, the three members, who had all just finished their first year of high school, did not know each other as Prasch was from West Bend, Higginbottom from Fredonia and Read from the Kewaskum area.

While Read said they were “all pretty awkward with each other at first,” they found their personalities to merge. At the end of the program, the three decided to stay together. They started playing shows for whoever took them along, even helping to build a stage in one of the bars so they could all set up there at the same time.

“We started to learn how to play and engage a crowd,” Read said. Eventually, other bars and places started contacting them when members of the public specifically asked the group.

Over the years the trio have added additional members like drummer Collin McCabe and bassist Joe Passineau.

The band even performed the Why Go By Stage at the Washington County Fair, and several people asked if they had CDs available after their performance.

“It was fun back then and I feel the same now. It’s a good time, ”Read said.

The band have started recording their own original music and are currently working on an album, which they hope to complete next year.

“My main specialty in writing music is that I love to offer melodies and lyrics,” Higginbottom said. “Ben and Michael thrive on writing chord and chord progressions in songs.”

Each song is a collection of group efforts with input from each member.

“Everyone has the opportunity to do a song, building each part,” said Prasch. He added that as the band made their contribution, the song “just got better”.

Going forward, they hope to continue building on the momentum they already have through word of mouth and streaming platforms.

“By next summer we would like to spend more full time with this group and make it our number one priority and focus on all our time and effort for it, ”Higginbottom said.

The band’s music can be found on streaming platforms like YouTube Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. A preview of their upcoming single, “Save Yourself”, which will be released on Thursday, can be found at

To follow the band’s upcoming concerts and releases, follow FallBack on Facebook and Instagram.

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