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If the sonorous inclinations of the new alternative the bands are an indication, pop-punk is not dead and neither punk rock.

Whether through the continued influence of traditional groups or experimental infusions through gender outfits, the punk sound is still omnipresent in the modern scene. While not all emerging bands are tapping into the sound of acts such as Green day Where offspring, they are largely emblematic of the genre in its own right. Read on to find out about 10 of our favorite new generation bands that epitomize punk rock.

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Swedish threesome Randell are one of those outfits you might have sworn goes back to 90s. We won’t blame anyone for the confusion – they certainly have that sound despite their founding in 2014. Drawing on elements of surf rock, the band put a sunny twist on more traditional punk sounds. We challenge you to listen to just one song without getting hooked. We recommend you check out their super fun new version, “Topanga sand. “


We can’t believe that silts only debuted on SoundCloud Last year. True to their name, the Manchester-based band oozes raw, diy punk vibrations that will take you back decades. They released their first EP, With love, silts, on streaming services in 2020, and definitely worth listening to if you like emotions, grunge-infused with punk.

Pleasure venom

Originally from Austin, Texas, Pleasure venom to boast of having multiple facets post-punk a sound that recalls the early 2000s. Put a unique one, hardcore-leaning on the genre, the group delivers an aggressive energy that is both melodic and emotional. Discover their 2018 eponym EP for full effect.

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The dirty nothingness

Having played alongside greats like Against me!, Billy Talent and Alexisonfire, it’s not surprising that the Dirty Nil have their punk game at your fingertips. The Dundas, Ont. Based band draw inspiration from a variety of early stage sounds, from pop punk to post-hardcore—To deliver songs that are punchy and energetic to the max. For a good representation of the group, listen to recent songs “One more and the bill” and “Brutal concussion”(Unless you are a girlfriend of one of the members, in which case ignore the latter).


At the first listen, we thought that New Orleans PEARS had be rooted in the early 2000s. Tort. These guys didn’t make their stage debut until 2014. Their eclectic sound infuses elements of pop and from hardcore to punk rock with a more traditional sound. If you want a taste of all they have to offer, check out their 2020 eponym album.

false heads

Coming from Essex, England, false heads bring a garage-punk sound capable of captivating even Iggy Pop. Although they didn’t debut until late 2015, the group gradually gained traction in the alternative scene. Their point of view post-punk is clearly modern and better illustrated by their 2020 album, Everything is there but you dream.

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Doll skin

If you haven’t heard of Doll skin now we implore you to take the time to familiarize yourself. Punk outfit burst onto the Phoenix, Arizona scene with their 2016 album, In your face (again). Since then, their hard-hitting and scary sound has earned them recurring performances on Distorted tower and support slits for the likes of Newly found glory and With confidence, among others. Discover their latest album, Love died and we killed her, for all that this powerhouse has to offer.

Miss Vincent

We challenge anyone who lists Alkaline trio as an influence not to come forward with a good dose of punk rock. Southampton Miss Vincent do just that, mixing deeply melodic punk with more traditional rock n roll elements. To get a good taste of the band’s catchy yet polished vibe, check out their new single, “Flasks. “Spoiler alert: it will be stuck in your head by the one minute mark.

Pink change

I will talk to my therapist about you”Might be one of the most apt punk song titles of all time. Certainly we would expect nothing less than Pink change. This Baltimore-based outfit is yet another that hit the scene while running. In the wake of their debut in 2019, the group quickly developed a relatively large listener base. Check out their latest version, “rain walk, ”For a good sample of their particularly modern and grunge punk approach.

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Let’s leave it to Chicago to become one of the next big names in punk. GuardrailThe approach to this genre includes elements of pop and post-hardcore that make the music as catchy as it is powerful. To get a taste of their ultra high energy and evocative lyricism, don’t miss their latest EP, Ouch.

What are your favorite emerging punk rock bands? Let us know in the comments below!

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