Hollis Brown Set to Create Modern Rock Classic with “Ozone Park” Album Premiere – Billboard

After surviving a retro label on her previous efforts, Hollis Brown entered the new album Ozone park – released on June 7 and featured exclusively below – with a mission. “I think we wanted to make a statement that rock music can still be played in a modern way, but it’s still as good as […]

Modern ’80s rock band The Dream Syndicate continues with “These Times”

SEATTLE, WA – AUG 31: Jason Victor, Steve Wynn and Mark Walton of The Dream Syndicate … [+] performs at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival on August 31, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Suzi Pratt / FilmMagic) MovieMagic The Dream Syndicate, the alternative rock band associated with Los Angeles’ Paisley Underground scene from […]

10 rock bands that need a Netflix biopic like Motley Crue’s dirt

Dirtiness, Netflix’s new biopic based on the life and times of “the world’s most famous rock band” Mötley Crüe, was recently dropped on the streaming service after spending years in development hell. The biopic received mixed reviews from critics, with some describing it as “a funny and gross whirlwind through one of the last great […]

The 20 Greatest British Rock Bands of All Time | London Evening Standard

F From hard rock to punk, new wave, indie and britpop, British bands have defined entire genres and influenced millions of rock fans over the years. The UK music scene has produced some of the world’s most iconic bands and artists, whose work remains equally popular and revered to this day. From Joy Division to […]

How Muse became one of the biggest rock bands in the world

Photo: Pedro Fiuza/NurPhoto via Getty Images “Headphones connect to iPhone / iPhone connected to internet / Connected to Google / Connected to government,” MIA raps on “The Message,” the intro track from his 2010 LP ΛΛΛYΛ (pronounced “Maya”). At the time, the provocative lyrics sounded ridiculous, carrying all the presumed legitimacy of a stoned Jon […]

15 recent rock bands to know besides Greta Van Fleet

Photo Neilson Barnard / Getty Images Over the past year, Greta Van Fleet is the only young guitar group to have made their way to the golden god and blues of contemporary, fantasy and plastic music culture. On October 19, the group should finally release their first feature film, evoking the town, entitled “Anthem of […]

How Much Money Classic Rock Bands Make on Tour – Quartz

It’s no rumor: Lindsey Buckingham, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, is pursue former group mates, saying that cutting him off from their current tour deprived him of up to $ 14 million. According to the costume Buckingham attorneys filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this week that Fleetwood Mac struck a deal with Live Nation for […]

The 100 Most Popular Rock Bands of All Time

1. The Beatles John Pratt / Keystone / Getty Trained in: Liverpool, UK in 1960All album sales in the United States: 178.0 millionMost popular album: The BeatlesAnnual Wikipedia page visits: 9 168 431 Detailed results and methodology Rock music is unique in that the artists mostly work together and release music as groups or ensembles […]

Bland on Blonde: Why the old rock music canon is over | Music

RRock’s headlong rush into the seriousness of the 1970s had many adverse effects. There was progressive rock, jam, no singles to be released – and the idea that the two decades since Elvis had produced enough music of sufficient value to produce a canon. In 1974, like a university English department sending a reading list […]

While traditional modern rock searches for soul, post-punk is on the rise

It’s no secret that traditional modern rock bands have struggled in recent years. If you know where to look, you’ll always find a seemingly endless amount of great music, but if you haven’t done your due diligence, you might just feel like the genre is lacking air. Bands like Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Bastille and […]

11 best rock bands in New Orleans

Vicki Peterson, formerly of The Bangles There is a good argument to be made that rock ‘n’ roll was invented in New Orleans in 1947 by Roy Brown with “Good Rocking Tonight”. Then you have Fats Domino, Little Richard (his first singles were recorded in New Orleans) and everything else from Cosimo Matassa’s J&M studio. […]

Korean rock bands are shaking up the status quo

While the country is best known for its clean, meticulous pop, these bands are leading a renaissance of rawer music. guitar music South Korea’s meticulous and sophisticated pop music is its greatest cultural export, having found its way not only to international music charts, but also to Olympic sporting events, political delegations, and since yesterday, […]

The best indie rock bands of all time | London Evening Standard

W When it comes to rock music, the nickname “indie” is confusing. Originally used to refer to groups that operated with a do-it-yourself philosophy, outside of the mainstream and out of the eyes of the majors, it has since become a reference to a certain sound – loosely defined by upbeat guitars, rhythms of music. […]

12 times rock bands have brought fans to the stage to epic songs to shreds

Ozzy Osbourne, Foo Fighters, Blink-182 and many more have all given viewers the chance of a lifetime. Left: YouTube / Aaron Rawcliffe Performing in front of a full house is the goal of every musician, but jamming on stage with their idols is the kind of wild fantasy that most superfans only dream of. Fortunately, […]

southern ambassadors of classic rock; One of the first Southern rock bands of the 70s, The Marshall Tucker Band performs one night only at the Liberty | Vision

Very few bands have influenced an entire generation with their style and remained as relevant to rock and country music as The Marshall Tucker Band has. Alabama, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt and Blake Shelton all cite The Marshall Tucker Band as one of their biggest influences. Trendsetter, the voice of America’s highway, legend, all of […]

southern ambassadors of classic rock; One of the first southern rock groups of the 1970s, The Marshall Tucker Band performs only one night at Liberty

From left to right, BB Borden, Rick Willis, Doug Gray, Marcus Henderson, Tony Black and Chris Hicks of the Marshall Tucker Band. (Photo submitted) Copyright © 2021 Roswell Daily Record Very few bands have influenced an entire generation with their style and have remained as relevant to rock and country music as the Marshall Tucker […]

100 most popular rock bands of all time – 24/7 Wall St.

Special report April 6, 2018 1:49 p.m. Last updated: January 12, 2020 1:41 a.m. Rock and roll has been a huge cultural force since bursting onto the music scene in the 1950s. Not only has it dramatically altered the evolution of popular music, but it has also influenced fashion, human behavior and cultural norms. in […]

Review: Tal National and modern high-octane rock from Africa

Sidi Touré, Toubalbero | 1/2BKO, Mali Foli Coura | 1/2Tal National, Tantabara | ??Imarhan, Temet | ?? With American rock bands looking for avant-garde EDM and elsewhere for a rejuvenation of the genre, African electric guitars and traditional instruments once again yawn, scream and crack with new intensity after some kind of interruption. of the […]

List of Spotify’s Best Rock Bands: 6 Things That May Surprise You

Today (July 13), the nation’s most popular streaming service shared rankings by genre that audiences normally don’t have access to – Spotify’s most popular rock bands. The occasion is International Rock n Roll Day (centered around the anniversary of the 1985 Live Aid concert) and the big reveal features the 21 most listened to rock […]

3 Celtic rock bands to listen to at least once

Drawing from classic rock, modern rock and Celtic influences, the genre of Celtic rock, which was born in the 1970s, is a blend of folk and rock, which despite its name was not created exclusively by people from the UK. Celtic influences can be found in the music of folk-rock groups from many other European […]

Rock Bands Go Disco: Why The Killers, Arcade Fire and More Return to the Late ’70s

There might not be a more logical career choice for a band like The Killers to make in 2017 than hitting the clubs. When new single “The Man” strutted the internet on a Wednesday afternoon like ’77 John Travolta, with a growling synth hook, pounding drum beat, and peacocking Brandon Flowers chorus (in half-falsetto, natch), […]

11 Rain Soaked Classic Rock Music Videos

It’s pretty amazing that classic rock artists have escaped the 70s, 80s and 90s without being electrocuted. After all, one of the most common tropes in music videos of the time – besides diaphanous scarves, quick editing and, shall we say, separate hairstyles – was the rain. Rain buckets, indeed, where some clips are concerned. […]

20 awesome country songs from rock bands

File photo of the eagles At its core, rock n ‘roll is half country and half blues, but sometimes there is a little more of one of these elements in a song than the other. Other times there are many more. Hence the often used descriptors “blues rock” and “country rock”. The Eagles are perhaps […]

Cheap Trick are one of the greatest rock bands of all time – why aren’t they in the Hall of Fame?

Last week, Billboard published an enlightening article on the process by which an individual band or musician is elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. In particular, the article shed light on the secret nature of the voting system and the mafia code of silence that surrounds it: the members of […]

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