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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Parkview Health is expanding its virtual care initiatives at the Parkview Digital Care Center to improve healthcare across the region.

Representatives say it combines care delivery, technology and support in one centralized location, the Parkview Digital Care Center houses its virtual health and virtual care services. The Virtual Health department, which offers virtual ambulatory care options such as Parkview MyChart and Parkview OnDemand, has been part of the Digital Care Center since 2020.

New to the center is the Parkview Virtual Care Service, which provides 24/7 remote clinical support to all hospitals in Parkview. The Virtual Care Service is a clinical group of experienced nurses and virtual care technicians who monitor hospitalized patients throughout the Parkview system and play a key role in patient safety, healing and recovery.

Representatives posted the following:

“The virtual care service is another example of how Parkview is committed to improving the patient experience and care environments, while controlling the costs associated with care,” said Michelle Charles, director of the nursing informatics at Parkview Health. “The addition of virtual nurses and virtual care technicians allows our bedside staff to focus more exclusively on the needs of each patient. This team will maximize our resources and effectively monitor multiple hospitalized patients to respond to their needs more quickly. »

Virtual nurses are experienced critical care nurses who perform patient data monitoring to detect early signs of developing sepsis. Virtual nurses educate bedside nurses and care providers about sepsis intervention, which has been shown to prevent serious illness or death.

Going forward, Parkview will evaluate other ways virtual nurses can augment bedside care, including interacting with patients via in-room television, providing education, and facilitating faster discharges.

Virtual Care Technicians are specially trained caregivers who use continuous video monitoring, or virtual sitting, for patients at risk of falls or injury. They can quickly intervene or redirect patients via the system’s microphones, and they notify staff of concerns or emergencies. In order to respect patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality, the virtual seating service is only initiated by a nurse’s prescription, and no audio or video is recorded.

Virtual nursing and virtual sitting have been shown to improve patient outcomes by reducing the incidence of sepsis or injury, shortening the length of hospital stay, and decreasing the overall cost of care for patients. patients. In other healthcare organizations, virtual care has been shown to improve the care provided by bedside nurses, reduce nurse burnout, and increase patient safety and satisfaction.

“The Digital Care Center is part of Parkview’s commitment to using technology that creates a more effective and efficient model of care,” said Max Maile, senior vice president, Digital Health, Parkview Health. “We are excited to implement services that will improve hospital care and look forward to seeing other ways we can use virtual health to provide excellent care to everyone in our region. »

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