Reviving the golden age of rock n roll with electrifying rock music – Buffalo, Jr. evokes nostalgia with new album

Richard W. Stout III

‘Indigo Groove’ is a gripping album that depicts Buffalo, Jr., and Marc Ford’s splendid ability to let groove take over and dazzle audiences.

OLD LYME, CONNECTICUT, USA, November 1, 2022 / — A Rock record that will undoubtedly delight the public, ‘Indigo Groove‘ is the perfect blend of creative Connecticut band Buffalo, Jr. The new album features the efforts of the band’s lead artist, guitarist-vocalist Rick Stout. Stout is joined by Marc Ford (of The Black Crowes and The Magpie Salute) on lead guitar, Michael Petrucci on drums and percussion, and Eric Lichter on bass and keyboards. Eric was also responsible for the production of the new album.

An impressive disc, “Indigo Groove” echoes the nostalgic and evocative rhythms of “the golden age of rock of the 1970s”. The album’s numerous singles, such as “Tuckahoe River”, “Glimmer and a Feather”, “Gonna Leave You” and “Iriquoia”, feature electric guitar-based instrumentation, interspersed with country-tinged acoustics. tunes.

Drawing inspiration from the works of The Stones, Faces, Allman Brothers, Delaney & Bonnie and Flying Burrito Brothers, with a taste of The Black Crowes that bleeds seamlessly, “Indigo Groove” is a record like no other.

The album was released for listeners in February 2022 and features tracks written by Richard W. Stout III and produced by Eric M. Lichter and Rick Stout. ‘Indigo Groove’ also showcases the ingenuity of sound engineer Guido “G” Falivene, and was recorded at Dirt Floor Recording Studio in Haddam, Connecticut. The album cover was created by Brian Wentworth and the cover photography was expertly done by Alexander Roth.

“Our goal was to make music that matters and isn’t afraid to take our hats off to the golden age of Rock N Roll that stands the test of time. We tried to focus on the fact to bring like-minded musicians together and let the groove dictate where the music goes,” the artists explain.

Several tracks on the new disc were composed largely live with the aim of creating an authentic, raw and inspiring product. River Dirt Floor Recording’s secluded, rustic log studio in Haddam proved the perfect place for the band to craft a sound reminiscent of some of their favorite albums.

Visit Buffalo, Jr.’s Spotify to listen to the artist’s new music, follow the band, and purchase the album on Amazon (“Indigo Groove” CD and vinyl are available now)! Be sure to spread the word about the new record and reach out to the artist via email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities.



Buffalo, Jr. is an accomplished rock band that fascinates listeners with their thoughtful songwriting. The band’s latest album, “Indigo Groove”, features the entire band in all its glory, led by Richard W. Stout III – over grooves, electric rhythm parts, acoustic guitars, vocals and backing vocals. Marc Ford joins him on lead guitar and soul, Lap Steel and 12-String Electric, Eric Lichter on bass, ear, keyboards and backing vocals, Michael Petrucci on drums and percussion and Krista Baroni on choirs.



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