Sacha Gervasi’s Classic Rock Doc returns this fall

Some modern films are re-released too soon, and some, criminally neglected at the time, are just ripe for more than worthy of reappraisal. That’s certainly the case with the excellent redemption rock doc”Anvil! Anvil’s story! since 2009. Celebrating its 13th anniversary this fall, Utopia Breakdown announced this week that it is set to release the remastered “Anvil! The Story of Anvil! alongside Portobello Electric in theaters this fall and on digital later this year.

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Realized by Sasha Gervasi (“My dinner with Hervé,” “Hitchcock“), “Anvil! Anvil’s story! speaks of the triumphant return of Anvil, an 80s Canadian metal band that never got their due, and most people didn’t know that unless they were a die-hard 80s metal fan. the era the doc is focusing on them mounting a new tour and attempting a comeback, and it’s just gloriously good and funny and ambitious; an authentic, moving, warty gaze and everything to return to the spotlight.

It’s a movie we loved back then, and it’s still on our list of the best music documentaries of the century so far. The new release features remastered image and sound, plus an exclusive new epilogue interview with Anvil’s Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reineranimated by the old MTV host Matt Pinfield.

Anvil also gets its flowers in the doc, with many metal icons due to them, including by Metallica Lars Ulrich, Guns N’ Roses slash, Motorhead’s Lemmy, Scott Ian of Anthraxand of the killer Tom Araya, among others.

A special screening of the film in collaboration with Beyond FezIt will take place in Los Angeles on September 22 in Los Angeles at the Saban Theater, featuring a live concert by Anvil and surprise musical guest appearances. This will be followed by a Q&A with Anvil’s Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Robb Reiner, producer Rebecca Yeldham and Gervasi, moderated by Steve-O of “Jackass” fame. Tickets for the event are now on sale.

Here is the official synopsis of the film:

ANVIL! ANVIL’S HISTORY follows Canadian heavy metal band Anvil as they delivered a hugely influential 1982 album “Metal on Metal” that would inspire Anthrax and Metallica, then leave the chart to begin what would become decades of working in obscurity. Director and former Anvil roadie Gervasi follows guitarist Steve “Lips” Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner as they stumble through a harrowing European tour and reflect on failure, friendship, resilience and to the will to realize even the most impossible dreams.

“If you had told me all those years ago at Sundance, when we had no buyers, that this movie would hit theaters for the second time 13 years later, I would never have believed you, but we’re here. It’s truly a miracle,” Gervasi said in a statement. “It’s all thanks to Robert and his amazing team at Utopia. It’s great to work with them because they are filmmakers, and their support and passion is second to none. All Anvil and I can say is thank you!

“Anvil” tied for 6th place as one of the highest rated documentaries of all time on Rotten Tomatoes with a Certified Fresh Rating of 98% and an Audience Score of 90% with over 5,000 votes. . It was named one of the best documentaries of 2009 by numerous film critics associations, including Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Las Vegas, as well as the International Documentary Association, the Online Film Critics Society and the National Society. of Film Critics. He has also made year-end Top 10 lists in publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Village Voice and many others.

Utopia also released a trailer for the occasion, and you can watch it below. Go Anvil!

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