Steven C Releases New Album ‘Classic Rock Piano: Volume 1

Pianist, composer and recording artist Steven C Anderson (Steven C) brings together a monumental reimagining of the soundtrack of his youth with the release of his latest collection of albums, “Classic Rock Piano”. ‘Classic Rock Piano: Volume 1 – California’ is the first of 4 volumes that span 4 decades.

Steven C breathes new life into 100 beautifully reimagined classic rock songs, all featuring his 9-foot Bosendorfer piano. The collaborative process between all the artists involved is evident throughout, as the treatments include solo piano as well as backing rhythm instruments in the mix.

His solo piano version of “Smoke On The Water,” complete with that classic guitar riff in Perfect 4th’s resounding, will take everyone back to their first audition in 1972. “Classic Rock Piano: Volume 1 – California” is available for download and streaming. streaming on all digital platforms now!

“I never thought I would relive this fascinating era through my piano playing!” shares Steven C.

Selling over 2 million albums with over 70 million streams a year across all digital platforms, Steven C has the ability to give listeners a whole new perspective on the music they all know and love. His talent goes beyond his skills as a classically trained pianist, evoking pure emotion and displaying remarkable creativity. Fans will be thrilled with the release of “Classic Rock Piano” and won’t want to miss Steven C’s upcoming exciting projects!

Pianist and composer Steven C has sold over 2 million copies of his own recordings, including ‘Chasing Grace’ (American gramaphone) and ‘HeartStrings’, a collaborative effort with the Grammy-winning arranger and bandleader Arnie Roth Awards.

Among his most popular singles are “Signature”, “Deep Within”, “Death Do Us Part” and “Daybreak”, which have been streamed over 16 million times by major streaming providers.

Listen to the new album here:

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