Swiss loan for self – employed

If a self-employed person applies for a loan, the bank first sees the associated risk. Freelancers and traders do not have a consistently high income and the economic situation is also subject to fluctuations. The self-employed must therefore do particularly well in the Credit Bureau examination.

Even a reminder invoice within the past three calendar years leads to a reduction in the scoring value and not infrequently to the rejection of the application. If this happens, a Swiss loan for the self-employed is a good alternative to get the money you need quickly and easily.

Swiss loans are Credit Bureau-free

Swiss loans are Credit Bureau-free

A Swiss loan is a loan that is granted without Credit Bureau information. Anyone who applies for a loan in Germany will be registered by Credit Bureau, even if the application is rejected. It is different with the so-called Swiss loan, which is therefore particularly suitable for the self-employed, freelancers and everyone whose credit rating is not optimal.

Such a loan is not registered by Credit Bureau and therefore has no negative impact on the future credit rating. A Credit Bureau-free loan is usually a bank based abroad. Credit Bureau-free loans are therefore not dubious from the outset, as some may suspect.

Special features Credit Bureau-free loans

Special features Credit Bureau-free loans

A Swiss loan for the self-employed is usually granted up to $ 3500 and is not tied to a specific purpose. The borrower does not have to indicate what he wants to use the money for. The application is not made to the bank itself, but is processed through an intermediary based in Germany.

A commission is only paid if the loan is approved. If the credit broker requests the commission in advance, skepticism is appropriate. The same applies to attempts to sell the applicant additional insurance or savings contracts in order to improve their creditworthiness. A reputable foreign bank only requires proof of income and possible collateral when submitting the application.

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