Synth Riders gets a new music pack featuring tracks from beloved rock bands

Synth Riders has been one of the most popular VR rhythm titles on the market since it was released a few years ago and part of the reason it remains relevant is due to how often developer Kluge Interactive releases new content for the game. Well, that trend has continued once again this week as a new roster of music from a variety of popular rock bands has now made its way to Synth Riders.

The latest music pack for Synth Riders, which is dubbed the “Adrenaline” pack, is the fourth piece of DLC the game has received. The add-on content contains eight new songs in total with Kluge Interactive giving all players access to three of the tracks at no cost. The other five songs, however, must be paid for as usual. In total, Synth Riders now offers a track list containing 55 tracks that come with the game and 20 DLC tracks.

What’s great about this DLC, as mentioned, is that it features recognizable music from some of the most beloved punk and rock bands of all time. The five paid tracks feature music from The Offspring, Bad Religion, Rancid, and The Interrupters. Meanwhile, the three free songs are from Pennywise, Too Close To Touch, and Plague Vendor. This line of music continues the recent trend of seeing music from rock bands, in particular, coming to Synth Riders. Just a few months ago, Kluge Interactive also added a Muse song to the game.

And while the addition of new music alone might be enough to get many people interested in this Adrenaline Music Pack, the team behind Synth Riders has another very special update with this new content. Much like the previous Muse track, the game has now received its second “experiment” for Synth Riders. Essentially, this mode lets players experience The Offspring’s “Come Out and Play” in a whole new way, with a bespoke environment created by Kluge Interactive to match the music playing. Even better, this experience is also free.

“Where Muse’s ‘Algorithm’ experience was on a grand scale, designed to match that epic song, this time I wanted to take players on a different adventure!” explained Abraham Aguero Benzecri, the creative director of Synth Riders. “It’s filled with visuals that draw inspiration from my experience as a skateboarder as a teenager – I wanted to recreate that rush, that feeling of speed and freedom, and I was inspired by the raw energy of this track from The Offspring!”

Again, nothing added here will drastically change the Synth Riders experience as we know it, but it’s so great to see that Kluge Interactive continues to support this game in such a substantial way. If you’re using VR to practice, it’s always great to have new songs in the rotation to help you swear.

Synth Riders is available to download now and is compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. To grab the game for yourself, you can find it on Viveport, To smokeor the Oculus Store. And if you’re looking to pick up the game sometime soon, you might want to take advantage of the current sale that Kluge Interactive is running as of this writing.

Conversely, if you’re looking to get just the Adrenaline Bundle alone, you can pick up the full list of new songs for around $8. And if you’d rather buy each piece individually, they’re all on sale on their own for $1.99.

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