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Classic Rock Enthusiasts Stone Ax End Their ‘Stay Of Execution’ (First Album Stream)

Discover the first stone ax the album at the end of 2009 was a revelation; decades of individual and collective worship of classic rock had finally reached their logical conclusion. A band that could only exist in 1971 had crossed the Rubicon and entered the 21st century, bell-bottom and legged, emerging from a time machine […]

EM On Holiday’s new denim is inspired by classic rock and ’80s Powers ballads

On Repeat is a music series where NYLON interviews our favorite creatives (designers, artists, etc.) about the songs they can’t stop playing while they work. You’re going to want to add them to your playlists and streaming platforms ASAP. EM On Holiday, formerly known as Holiday The Label, is expanding into a new category just […]

Classic rock band America performs ‘Horse with No Name’ at the Weinberg Center in Frederick

Classic rock band America continues to perform after more than half a decade. Learn more about the rockers before their concert in Frederick, Maryland. Listen to our full conversation on my “Beyond the Fame” podcast. WTOP’s Jason Fraley Gives a Glimpse of America at the Weinberg Center (Part 1) They delivered classic rock hits from […]

Tara Who? Bring back the lost glory of organic rock music with their song ‘Asian Blood’

Released March 4 Tara Who? offers ‘Asian blood‘. The song is compelling for its bold lyricism, sublime subject matter, and metallic instrumental arrangement. Tara Who? is a new-age rock music enthusiast who came up with the latest track ‘Asian blood.‘ The track is inspired by the feminist punk movement Riot grrrl, initiated in the 1990s. […]

Bomber guitarists Anton Sköld and Max Huddén prove that classic rock is alive and well in this rhythmic version of Zarathustra

Is classic rock dead? Surely not. Just look at Greta Van Fleet, Dirty Honey and Tyler Bryant, who have all built rabid loyal followers for that nostalgic dirty electric guitar sound. And now another band looking to fan the flames of outspoken rock ‘n’ roll is Bomber, a quartet from Malmö, Sweden, who are set […]

Four classic rock bands will take the stage at United Wireless Arena – Dodge City Daily Globe

Vincent Marshall Dodge City Globe Do you live to rock? Well, there’s a tour for that in Dodge City as the Live to Rock tour of classic rock bands Skid Row, Quiet Riot, Warrant and Winger hits the United Wireless Arena in Dodge City on Saturday, May 7, featuring the show starts at 7 p.m. […]

The classic Kansas rock band arrives at Buddy Holly Hall

Avalanche-Journal Staff | Lubbock Avalanche Log Classic rock band Kansas perform their Point of Know Return Anniversary Tour at the Helen Devitt Jones Theater at Buddy Holly Hall at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, February 11. With a legendary career spanning nearly five decades, Kansas have firmly established themselves as one of America’s iconic classic rock […]

A List of the Top Ten Classic Rock Albums | 100.7WZLX

The Ten Greatest “Fourth” Classic Rock Albums The first historical albums are usually made with little means and they somehow grab our attention and change our path. Sometimes they even stop us in our tracks. The excellent sophomore albums prove that the first was no lucky accident and the third hints that this band could […]

12 classic rock touring gigs to see in 2022 and how to buy tickets before they sell out

Are you ready to have a blast? Concert season is right around the corner, and barring any mishaps, world tours are gearing up for uninterrupted journeys to arenas, stadiums and other music venues to thrill fans after a tough few years. What better way to unwind than to catch your favorite rock bands that have […]

The classic rock band returns and releases their first album in 19 years

Classic rock band Jethro Tull made a triumphant return, and last week they released their first album in 19 years. On Friday, Jethro Tull posted The Zealot Gene, a complete studio album containing 12 new songs. This is the band’s first release since 2003. Jethro Tull’s Christmas Album, and their first album of original material […]

What to stream: 2 very different projects about rock music personalities | Entertainment

This week, two projects revolving around legendary 20th-century rock figures were streamed, though the topics and projects couldn’t be more different. First, the documentary “Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliche” will be in theaters nationwide on Wednesday for a one-night-only big-screen event before becoming available for digital rental on Friday. Pioneering punk princess Poly Styrene, […]

From ‘Exile On Main St’ to ‘Transformer,’ classic rock albums turn 50

Classic rock albums are 50 years old Paris: There must have been something in the water in 1972 — there almost certainly was for these guys. It was a year that spawned several instant American classics – and one that apparently teleported from space – that came to define rock music and set the pattern […]

Slash composes the classic rock crunch on Call Off the Dogs, his new single with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

slash dropped Remind the dogs, the third single from his forthcoming fourth album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, 4. Continuation of previously released singles The river rises and fill my world, Remind the dogs sees the Guns N’ Roses man serve up an abundance of crisp classic rock-inspired riffs behind Myles Kennedy’s anthemic vocals, […]

Classic Rock Favorites America at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in March | News

FREDERIC, Md., January 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Perennial classic rock favorite America is hosting their 50th anniversary tour at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, Maryland to Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.. America 50th Anniversary is presented by Latshaw Productions Inc. Tickets start at $95 and can be purchased online at […]

Timely Writer’s classic rock, pop and R&B songs for Manchester landmarks

Listening suggestion during the meeting with the Mill Girl statue: “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”. File photo / David Casinghino My attempt to tie classic rock, pop and R&B songs to the landmarks of Manchester. (Bonus: bookmark and listen to this compilation of soundtracks via Queen City’s playlist on YouTube.) Currier Museum: “Every Image Tells […]

Obituary: John Miles, musician whose most famous hit is the classic rock ballad, Music

Death: December 5, 2021. JOHN Miles, who died at the age of 72, was a singer and songwriter whose composition, Music, became a classic rock track, which traveled far beyond its 1970s roots. Written and recorded for his debut album, Rebel (1976), Music is a first-person ode to the redemptive power of his subject. The […]

Star Trek Brings Back Classic Rock (Not The Beastie Boys)

Star Trek: Prodigy used AC / DC’s “Thunderstruck” during Kobayashi Maru, reinforcing rock music’s canonical place in Star Trek that JJ Abrams began. Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Prodigy Episode 6 – “Kobayashi”. Episode 6 of Star Trek: Prodigy brought back a classic rock song, though it wasn’t JJ Abrams ‘Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” Star trek […]

Today’s Crossword: Musicians Who Almost Play an Instrument and Other Classic Rock Trivia

This file photo from December 13, 1993 shows Kurt Cobain of the Seattle band Nirvana performing in the United States. Image credit: AP What happened behind the scenes on your favorite classic rock albums? Click start to read today’s crossword and identify the artists behind the song titles we share with you. Here are some […]

Recalling the great rock bands of the 1970s, Black Hills soul amplifies an echo of the past

The first album is now available Determined to fill the void left behind the legends of the 70s hard rock and blues era, Black Hills Soul embarks on a musical journey like no other. The group consists of four experienced songwriters and performers who have come together to pursue their lifelong musical passions and to […]

Top 10 2021 albums of the new generation of Classic Rock

As Neil Young sang a few generations ago, “Rock’n’roll can never dieWith that in mind, we present below the top 10 2021 albums of the new generation of Classic Rock. Rock music, like any cultural presence, has inevitably fluctuated over the years, but the current moment seems to harbor a particularly prolific movement of young […]

Brody Mullikin plans to bring back that classic rock sound

Anyone with a musical ear can attest that the sound and delivery of songs is constantly changing from era to era and from generation to generation. The evolution of music, combined with ever more sophisticated recording technology, can improve songs and make them easier to create. But some musicians think if it ain’t broke don’t […]

Les Emmerson obituary: Songwriter of classic rock anthem Signs dies at 77

The Emmersons was a Canadian singer-songwriter who wrote the classic rock anthem “Signs,” which was a hit song for his band, the Five Man Electrical Band. Panels Les Emmersons was the lead songwriter, singer and guitarist of the Canadian rock group Five Man Electrical Band. The group from Ottawa, Ontario was first known as Staccatos […]

Kim Gordon perfectly mixes dissonance and classic rock riffage on her new single, Grass Jeans

Kim Gordon – formerly alternative rock pioneers Sonic Youth – is back with a new single, Jean Grass. This month’s all proceeds from the song – the guitarist / bassist’s first new material since her debut solo album in 2019, No home check-in – will benefit Fund Texas Choice, a nonprofit organization that pays for […]

Classic rock legends return to the Hudson Valley on Friday

REO Speedwagon will play at the Resorts World Catskills in Monticello on Friday. REO Speedwagon developed a following in the 1970s and achieved significant commercial success in the 1980s. Their 1980 album Hi infidelity was the band’s best-selling album with over 10 million sales. It would be the best-selling rock album of 1981 with the […]

Embark on a Guided Tour of the Rock Music History of the Bay Area | Ap

SAN JOSE, Calif .– Mike Katz and Crispin Kott want to take you on a journey through the history of Bay Area music. If you’re a game, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the “Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area,” their cool new book […]

Embark on a Guided Tour Through Bay Area Rock Music History | Entertainment

SAN JOSE, Calif .– Mike Katz and Crispin Kott want to take you on a journey through the history of Bay Area music. If you’re a game, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the “Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area,” their cool new book […]

Watch the exclusive Crown Lands concert in partnership with Prog, Classic Rock and Louder

Remember you can watch an exclusive live broadcast featuring Canadian prog duo Crown Lands through Program, Classic rock and Stronger this evening. The hour-long show will air in all Stronger marks at 7:00 p.m. GMT / 2:00 p.m. EST. Just click on that story again at the right time. The duo, Cody Bowles and Kevin […]

Embark on a guided tour through the rock music history of the Bay Area – East Bay Times

Mike Katz and Crispin Kott want to take you on a journey through the history of Bay Area music. If you’re into a game, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the “Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area,” their cool new book detailing where Jerry […]

11 groups leading the revival of classic rock

The general sound, aesthetics and attitude of rock music have changed a lot over the decades. The blues is where it all started, and it eventually evolved into rockabilly and regular rock’n’roll in the 1950s. From the mid to late 1960s there was psychedelic rock and then some. artists began to use a lot of […]

No we shouldn’t cancel classic rock

The New York Times published a guest opinion piece last week titled “Should classic rock songs be toppled like Confederate statues?” He then renamed the editorial to more reflect what the article postulates: “Can we separate art from artist?” “ The author focuses most of his anger on Don McLean’s 70s folk-rock ballad, “American Pie” […]

Tickets still on sale for classic rock band America’s 50th anniversary show

AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 26: (LR) Singers Dewey Bunnell and founding members of classic rock group America, Gerry Beckley, perform on stage at Canyon Club on October 26, 2019 in Agoura Hills, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson / Getty Images) Scott Dudelson / Getty Images Classic American rock band “America” ​​will stop to celebrate […]

Weekend concerts range from harp music to classic rock at local venues, tickets on sale

Fancy concerts and crafts? The Herald-Times has you covered this weekend. Several performances, from timeless classics to new favorites, will be staged this weekend and early next for those who fancy some live music. Harpists and jazz musicians plan to light up Bloomington while Three Dog Night takes place in neighboring Brown County. This week’s […]

Winsome, lies and classic rock

Winner, lose © (Graeme Jennings / Washington Examiner) YOUNGKIN-109.JPG United States today preleased a report on November 3 announcing “historic firsts” for candidates of color in the November 2 election. Loading error The words “Winsome” and “Sears” are particularly missing from the original version of the article. “As the polls closed on Tuesday night, states […]

Crown Lands to Broadcast Exclusive Live Concert Featuring Prog, Classic Rock and Metal Hammer

Canadian progressive rock duo Crown Lands have announced that they will be broadcasting an exclusive live performance with Louder on November 18 at 7:00 p.m. GMT / 2:00 p.m. EST. The hour-long concert will be held on all associated Louder channels including Prog, Classic Rock and Metal hammer. The live-produced and broadcast concert celebrates all […]

Classical rock band’s 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction is still ‘weird’ in hindsight

Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are filled with unforgettable moments, but the 2018 ceremony was memorable for what does not have to arrive. Dire Straits was eventually inducted that year, but singer and guitar virtuoso Mark Knopfler declined to attend and none of their songs were performed during the concert. To […]

Radiohead’s New Single “Follow Me Around” Is Classic Rock

Radiohead in 1997Photo: Jim Steinfeldt / Michael Ochs Archives (Getty Images) Kid A Mnesia, the forthcoming reissue of Radiohead’s iconic fourth and fifth albums (Child A and Amnesiac, natch), also contains a third disc compiling material unearthed from these original recording sessions. And while the debut single “If You Say The Word” certainly sounds like […]

Spoon Preview Classic Rock-Inspired LP with New Song “The Hardest Cut”

It took a little longer than expected, but Spoon has finally announced his new album. Lucifer on the couch, released in February. As frontman Britt Daniel said Rolling stone As of September 2020, the album was about 80% complete before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, forcing the band to stop recording. While waiting to start working […]

Classic Rock Tribute “Arch Allies” to perform at the Fargo Theater in January 2022 – Fargo Underground

The first tribute band in the United States with hits from Bon Jovi, Queen, Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Boston and Def Leppard, Arch Allies is a timeless tribute centered on making classic rock sing with dynamic vocals, Huge guitars, dashing keyboards and mighty drums. To be accused of “Lip Syncing” because of their ability to […]

Classic rock band Styx and R&B queen Patti LaBelle head to the Hard Rock Casino in downtown Cincinnati in November 2021

(LR) Styx and Patti LaBelle will soon be performing at the Hard Rock Casino in Cincinnati.Photos: facebook.com/styxtheband and facebook.com/pattilabelle Two legendary artists in very different genres will soon be in Cincinnati. Progressive rock band Styx and R&B / Gospel / Pop queen Patti LaBelle will be heading to Pendleton’s Hard Rock Casino next month as […]

The Ultimate Classic Rock Showdown Comes to Charleston for Beatles vs. Stones Concert | Charleston scene

Two bands that spawned rival fan groups in the ’60s come together to some satisfaction in the form of a showdown of classic rock covers of the British invasion. It’s The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones for a touring performance to be held at the Charleston Music Hall on October 17th. If you are going […]

HomeSafe’s Classic Rock & Roll Party

HomeSafe The classic rock & roll evening Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood January 29, 2022 • WHO: HomeSafe with Event Chairs Steve Bernstein and Abby Bernstein-Henderson • WHAT: The classic rock and roll evening HomeSafe’s annual fundraiser, The Classic Rock and Roll Party, includes a full dinner, open bar, silent auction and live […]

Top 10 classic rock covers of Jason Isbell

From the moment Jason Isbell first picked up a guitar, the singer-songwriter has watched and learned from others. Growing up in Green Hill, Alabama, a rural community not far from Muscle Shoals, Isbell often spent his summers with his grandfather, a Pentecostal preacher who was also a musician. “He could play the violin, banjo, guitar […]

classic rock Kansas unit at Ocean AC; Nobu extending to Caesars; BIG winner at Resorts, plus

As is the case with virtually every classic rock era band still on the stage, the original Kansas lineup is no longer intact. Among the missing are the two most prominent former Kansans, Walsh and the violinist Robbie steinhardt, died of complications from pancreatitis on July 17 at the age of 71. No doubt some […]

Four new jazz albums take inspiration from the classic rock era

Considering that the music of the classic rock era dates back about 50 years, today it falls under the “oldies” category. As jazz musicians have always found their inspiration in the musical past, the music of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead and Bob Marley may be the new “standards” ripe for the exploration […]

Exclusive Tremonti Bundle Edition of New Issue of Classic Rock Available Now

Tremonti’s new album, Walk in time, is scheduled to arrive on September 24 via Napalm Records. It’s available for pre-order now, and to celebrate the release, we’ve teamed up with Mark Tremonti to produce an exclusive bundle edition of the new issue of Classic rock. The bundle includes a copy of the magazine with a […]

Daily discovery: Okamotos from Japan brings the classic rock spirit into the modern world on “Sprite”

Sho Okamoto of Japanese rock band Okamotos has been writing songs since signing the band in 2010… but it was only relatively recently that he began to delve into the process with more artistic intent than ever before. “We’re not the kind of band that has some kind of deep message or lesson behind every […]

10 Best Rock Music Movies, Ranked According To IMDb

Rock and roll has a long history and has been one of the most popular genres of music since its invention. Thankfully, this has spawned a slew of great movies as well. Still, it’s hard to say what exactly makes a good “rock” movie. RELATED: 10 Best Rock Musicians’ Appearances In Movies Some viewers focus […]

Stairway to Heavy: Jazz Artists Riff on Classic Rock Canon

Classic rock, especially of the Woodstock era, has grown from middle-aged to old-fashioned status during the 21st century. Four recent jazz projects shine a light on the venerable subgenre’s outsized influence, with covers of seminal material from a blues-based supergroup, folk-rock icons, the ultimate guitar hero and the original jam band. . At Whole Lotta […]

Vintage drum gift fuels a Windsor girl’s classic rock passion

Breadcrumb Links Music Local News Local arts A Slingerland branded drum set from the 1970s is proving to be the perfect gift for 11-year-old Windsor musician Addi Bonadonna. Author of the article: Dalson chen Release date : August 31, 2021 • August 31, 2021 • 3 minutes to read • Join the conversation 11-year-old Addi […]

Fulton County Fair to Feature Jake Owen Country Music and Classic Rock Bands | Local news

WAUSEON – There will be activities and music for everyone when the Fulton County Fair kicks off Friday at the Wauseon Fairgrounds. Known for its premium entertainment shows, the 164th Annual Fair will feature country singer / songwriter Jake Owen in the grandstand at 7:30 p.m. Monday, while Sunday’s classic rock concert will feature Grand […]

Review – Mt. Joy channeled the golden age of classic rock to the Mission Ballroom

It is rare that an indie rock band deviates from the formula that makes the success of their radio hits. Even during live performances, many independent bands stay true to their recordings, taking little risks and remaining complacent in their original material. Of course, not all indie rock bands fall into this category. The genre […]

“Rock music is ignored by our government,” says Saxon’s Biff Byford

Saxon frontman Biff Byford has criticized Boris Johnson’s government for its reluctance to engage with an endangered music industry during the current coronavirus crisis, and says he fears the worst for touring rock groups: “Someone ‘one should make some fucking decisions,’ he says. “It’s all well and good to take care of the ballet and […]

Infectious AI Driven EDM Rock Group ROGUE PROXY Releases Classic Rock Inspired “She Turned Around”

Delivering on their promise to deliver a new flavor of rock, Canadian band Rogue Proxy continues to be an infectious conduit for music with their latest single, “She Turned Around” – available now. “She Turned Around” is a song about “Simple Things Well Done”. It turns out, however, that combining classic rock elements with a […]

Glash: Odisha’s rendezvous with rock music

Glash was not a melodic night but a rock band – the group of passionate and courageous young people often pleaded. The dogmatic environment could not see the difference between the two. Odisha and in particular Cuttack have organized melodic evenings (orchestral groups) promoted by music professionals from Odia, giving public performances during Puja and […]

Various artists: NWOCR – The official review of the New Wave Of Classic Rock Volume One album

Unless you’ve lived in a cave in Borneo for the past year or so – and, given these troubled times by COVID, it’s perfectly possible – you will probably have noticed that the latest so-called groundbreaking musical phenomenon is ( peal of the trumpets ahoy) the New Wave Of Classic Rock – or NWOCR for […]

Pandora Expands “Millionaires” Artist Program with Launch of “Classic Rock” and “Hard Rock” Stations

Pandora today announced the expansion of its ‘Billionaires’ Signature Artist program with the launch of programming highlighting the most broadcast acts on Pandora across key genres. Available now, Pandora launched eight new stations for Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Alternative, Dance, Classic Rock, R&B and Hard Rock that feature music from artists who have reached a […]

Should Crayola launch a line of classic rock pencils? We think so! | 100.7 WZLX

Today on the air, I hypothesized that the Crayola the company could start a business by introducing a line of Classic Rock pencils. This was requested after playing “Rock and Roll” from Led Zeppelin [IV] and reminiscent of the gray color theme of this iconic album cover. It was the shadow of the crumbling wall […]

Classic laser rock shows are back at the Saint-Louis planetarium

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – You can travel back in time during the McDonnell Planetarium laser show series. The dome will merge art, light, with a classic art soundtrack with stunning visuals. The St. Louis Science Center claims 3D atmospheric effects are an unforgettable experience. Laser shows have been an attraction at the planetarium for decades. […]

Classic rock band to release live album recorded in Hudson Valley

An iconic classic rock band is celebrating their 50th anniversary with the release of a brand new live album recorded right here in the Hudson Valley. Just months before the global pandemic hit the United States, Daryl’s house in Pawling was packed for an unforgettable performance. Now that concert is commemorated on a brand new […]

21 most iconic rock music from the 80s

The ’80s are best known for punk rock, preppies, funk, New Wave, and voluminous hair. Fashion was outrageous like the music people made. It gave birth to the rap and breakdance that many Millennials now consider old school. However, the 1980s also marked some of the most iconic events in the realm of music. rock […]

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