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Classic Rock Enthusiasts Stone Ax End Their ‘Stay Of Execution’ (First Album Stream)

Discover the first stone ax the album at the end of 2009 was a revelation; decades of individual and collective worship of classic rock had finally reached their logical conclusion. A band that could only exist in 1971 had crossed the Rubicon and entered the 21st century, bell-bottom and legged, emerging from a time machine […]

Corey Taylor turns ‘On the Dark Side’ cover into classic rock mash-up

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor released a rendition of John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band’s 1983 song, “On the Dark Side”, the lead single from his forthcoming EP CMFB sides…which is set to arrive on February 25 via Roadrunner Records. For his cover of “On the Dark Side,” Taylor leans into a distinctly ’80s palette with […]

A List of the Top Ten Classic Rock Albums | 100.7WZLX

The Ten Greatest “Fourth” Classic Rock Albums The first historical albums are usually made with little means and they somehow grab our attention and change our path. Sometimes they even stop us in our tracks. The excellent sophomore albums prove that the first was no lucky accident and the third hints that this band could […]

Sydney’s Bad Moon Born Shares His Five Favorite Australian Hard Rock Bands

Sydney Hard Rock Outfit bad moon born, recently released the sweet and poignant track “Light Leaves the Day.” It’s a nice counterpoint to their heavier songs, and will be a welcome addition to their setlists. He is speaking to Jordan Von Grae (singer and lyricist) struggles with addiction and the path he took to sobriety. […]

Houston’s Hyro the Hero brings a mixtape mentality to rock music

Houston rapper Hyro the Hero isn’t much of a rapper. His music is inspired by hard rock as well as hip-hop. He has collaborated with Disturbed, Hellyeah and Atreyu and has Slipknot at the top of his list of dream collaborators. Photo: José Cantu / José Cantu Hyro The Hero grew up in Southeast Houston […]

Recalling the great rock bands of the 1970s, Black Hills soul amplifies an echo of the past

The first album is now available Determined to fill the void left behind the legends of the 70s hard rock and blues era, Black Hills Soul embarks on a musical journey like no other. The group consists of four experienced songwriters and performers who have come together to pursue their lifelong musical passions and to […]

Gerard Way on the resurgence of rock: “People missed the sound of the guitar”

As some proclaim the death of rock and roll – including Gene Simmons, who felt last year that new bands “haven’t taken the time to create glamor, excitement and epic stuff” – others have much more hope for the future of guitar music. Take Alice Cooper, for example, who reminded the Kiss bassist earlier this […]

Alice in Chains are “one of the greatest rock bands” of all time

Corey Taylor sang the praises of Alice in Chains during a recent in-person Q&A session with fans, calling the grunge goliaths “one of the greatest rock bands” of all time. The Slipknot frontman was asked to name his favorite band from Seattle’s “Big Four” – Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam – and […]

11 groups leading the revival of classic rock

The general sound, aesthetics and attitude of rock music have changed a lot over the decades. The blues is where it all started, and it eventually evolved into rockabilly and regular rock’n’roll in the 1950s. From the mid to late 1960s there was psychedelic rock and then some. artists began to use a lot of […]

Classic rock band Styx and R&B queen Patti LaBelle head to the Hard Rock Casino in downtown Cincinnati in November 2021

(LR) Styx and Patti LaBelle will soon be performing at the Hard Rock Casino in Cincinnati.Photos: facebook.com/styxtheband and facebook.com/pattilabelle Two legendary artists in very different genres will soon be in Cincinnati. Progressive rock band Styx and R&B / Gospel / Pop queen Patti LaBelle will be heading to Pendleton’s Hard Rock Casino next month as […]

HomeSafe’s Classic Rock & Roll Party

HomeSafe The classic rock & roll evening Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood January 29, 2022 • WHO: HomeSafe with Event Chairs Steve Bernstein and Abby Bernstein-Henderson • WHAT: The classic rock and roll evening HomeSafe’s annual fundraiser, The Classic Rock and Roll Party, includes a full dinner, open bar, silent auction and live […]

classic rock Kansas unit at Ocean AC; Nobu extending to Caesars; BIG winner at Resorts, plus

As is the case with virtually every classic rock era band still on the stage, the original Kansas lineup is no longer intact. Among the missing are the two most prominent former Kansans, Walsh and the violinist Robbie steinhardt, died of complications from pancreatitis on July 17 at the age of 71. No doubt some […]

Four new jazz albums take inspiration from the classic rock era

Considering that the music of the classic rock era dates back about 50 years, today it falls under the “oldies” category. As jazz musicians have always found their inspiration in the musical past, the music of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead and Bob Marley may be the new “standards” ripe for the exploration […]

Rock bands Great White and Slaughter to perform at Rivers Casino in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA CREAM – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Get ready to rock when Grammy-nominated hard rock band Great White and chart-topping glam metal band Slaughter take to the stage at The Event Center on Friday, October 29 at 8 p.m. ET. Tickets cost $ 30 and go on sale Friday, September 29. 17. Great White, whose hit […]

Rock bands Great White and Slaughter will perform at the Rivers Casino in Philadelphia

Illustrious rock bands will perform their high-intensity shows at The Event Center in October PHILADELPHIA, September 14, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Get ready to rock when Grammy-nominated hard rock band Great White and chart-topping glam metal band Slaughter take the Event Center stage on Friday, October 29 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $30 and go on sale Friday, […]

Should the hard rock bands Stryper and Skillet tour together? Michael Sweet wants to know

michael sweet openly Christian hard rockers STRIPE went to his social networks on Saturday 11 September to ask a question to his tens of thousands of followers: “If SKILLET & STRITING take a walk together? If this post breaks records of comments and shares, I’ll take it for a yes 😉 Go for it! “ […]

Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ gets reissue treatment – Delco Times

Last month marked the 30th anniversary of not only the greatest metal release in history, but also one of the best-selling albums of all time in Metallica’s eponymous 1991 LP, commonly referred to as “The Black Album “. Now, the Bay Area-based hard rock titans are celebrating this Friday with a new release of the […]

What famous rock bands have Barking and Dagenham played?

Posted: 17:03 Aug 6, 2021 Next weekend promises to be a feast for the ears with two days of celebrations. The Becontree 100 Festival kicks off August 14 as part of the Becontree Forever Weekender, followed a day later by the Roundhouse Music Festival. The Boomtown Rats, Neville Staple from The Specials, Dr Feelgood, and […]

Is Måneskin the opportunity that Italian rock music needs?

If you’re a magazine writing about Italy at the moment, there are three things you can’t help but cover: police brutality, Italy’s victory at Euro 2020, and Måneskin’s exceptional success. . The Italian rock group is, indeed, the cultural phenomenon of the moment. They show the world a beautiful face of Italy – with the […]

Victoria Rock Music Artist Steve Moffitt Brings A Rock Blast With A Unique Country Flair

For decades, rockers have admired the country genre for injecting soul into their music, but few have managed to create a seamless mix. Blending the basic ingredients of Country, intimate storytelling and adult emotion with the punch of rock to showcase its superior craftsmanship, artistry Steve moffitt emerged on the stage to captivate the audience. […]

Pandora Expands “Millionaires” Artist Program with Launch of “Classic Rock” and “Hard Rock” Stations

Pandora today announced the expansion of its ‘Billionaires’ Signature Artist program with the launch of programming highlighting the most broadcast acts on Pandora across key genres. Available now, Pandora launched eight new stations for Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Alternative, Dance, Classic Rock, R&B and Hard Rock that feature music from artists who have reached a […]

Should Crayola launch a line of classic rock pencils? We think so! | 100.7 WZLX

Today on the air, I hypothesized that the Crayola the company could start a business by introducing a line of Classic Rock pencils. This was requested after playing “Rock and Roll” from Led Zeppelin [IV] and reminiscent of the gray color theme of this iconic album cover. It was the shadow of the crumbling wall […]

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen takes fine art tour in town – thereporteronline

Best known as the drummer for the legendary rock band and rock and roll Hall of Fame inductee Def Leppard, Rick Allen has also become an accomplished painter in recent years. This weekend, he made two appearances in the region to celebrate his latest creations. Allen, drummer on Def Lep hits like “Photograph” and “Bringin […]

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen takes city fine art tour – Daily Local

Best known as the drummer for the legendary rock band and rock and roll Hall of Fame inductee Def Leppard, Rick Allen has also become an accomplished painter in recent years. This weekend, he made two appearances in the region to celebrate his latest creations. Allen, drummer on Def Lep hits like “Photograph” and “Bringin […]

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen takes city fine art tour – the Mercury

Best known as the drummer for the legendary rock band and rock and roll Hall of Fame inductee Def Leppard, Rick Allen has also become an accomplished painter in recent years. This weekend, he made two appearances in the region to celebrate his latest creations. Allen, drummer on Def Lep hits like “Photograph” and “Bringin […]

21 most iconic rock music from the 80s

The ’80s are best known for punk rock, preppies, funk, New Wave, and voluminous hair. Fashion was outrageous like the music people made. It gave birth to the rap and breakdance that many Millennials now consider old school. However, the 1980s also marked some of the most iconic events in the realm of music. rock […]

Eight classic rock bands that fascinated the world

New Delhi: If there is one genre of music that has received more than an equal share of contempt and devotion from fans, it would undoubtedly be Rock n Roll. Presented by some as havoc on their ears while for others a door to a new world, rock music has certainly made many mouths talk […]

Two rock bands added to the New York State Fair lineup | Local News | Auburn, New York State | Auburnpub.com

A modern hard rock band and ’80s radio staple have been added to the lineup of acts scheduled for the New York State Fair this summer. According to a press release, Halestorm, a hard rock quartet, will make their first appearance at the fair as part of the Chevrolet Music Festival. Sister and brother Lzzy […]

Historicity of music | Music Genres, Part 2: British vs American Rock Music | Entertainment

Which is better: UK rock music or US rock music? Continuing our review of musical genres, the answer to this question, provided at the end of today’s episode, is already known to astute readers familiar with previous columns of Music Historicity. Much like the issue of CDs versus vinyl albums, a discussion of rock music […]

Rock fans crown America’s Best Garage Band South of Eden in Driven to Perform competition sponsored by Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper

FINDLAY, Ohio – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – After scouring the country to find America’s most talented garage bands and opening the vote to fans across the country, Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper announced the winner of the “Garage Band Contest” Driven to Perform ”. It’s official, South of Eden will take home the winning […]

Rock music fans crown South of Eden’s Best American Garage Band in Driven to Perform competition sponsored by Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper

As the winner of the contest, South of Eden will open for Evanescence in a live concert on May 13 After scouring the country for America’s most talented garage bands and opening the vote to fans across the country, Cooper Tire and legendary rocker Alice Cooper have announced the winner of the “Driven to Perform” […]

This classic rock band still on top of the world with the latest release

Wayne parry | The Associated Press Cheap tip, “In another world” (BMG) In another world, it’s still 1979, and Cheap Trick is arguably America’s greatest rock band. Songs like “Here’s Looking at You” dominate FM radio and teenagers jump on “The Party”, singing with “do-do-dos” reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s “Crosstown Traffic”. “On Top of the […]

The 100 Most Influential Guitarists of All Time: Only in Classic Rock, On Sale Now

What would rock’n’roll be without guitarists, eh? Answer: nowhere – because there wouldn’t be scary rock and roll. This month, we take a look at some of the sound architects without whom the musical landscape would be (and sound) much different. Join us on our in-depth dive celebrating many players who don’t always get the […]

Pioneer women in heavy metal and hard rock

You can count on two hands the pioneering women of heavy metal and hard rock music. That said, these artists – from the Runaways to Vixen to the late Wendy O. Williams – set the stage. and set the bar high for those who came after. And there are many – the Butcher Babies, Lzzy […]

RICHIE KOTZEN on a new album with IRON MAIDEN’s ADRIAN SMITH – “Classic Rock, But A Little On The Heavier Side”

Jimmy Kay of The Metal Voice in Canada recently sat down with Richie Kotzen (Mr. Big, Poison, The Winery Dogs), who is promoting the debut album of his collaboration project with Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. Smith / Kotzen, will release their self-titled debut album on March 26, 2021 via BMG. On how the two […]

Exit 111 Festival Features Classic Rock Bands This Weekend | Culture & Leisure

This weekend, Great Stage Park will be leading and moshing when the Exit 111 music festival comes to town. Bonnaroo’s newest ground festival will see dozens of hard rock and heavy metal bands converge on Manchester for three days of metal madness. The festival will be presented by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leppard and Guns N’ […]

Celebrate National Rock Day with rock bands – The Current

Music is one of the things of this world that lasts forever and has broken generational gaps throughout history. In honor of National Rock Day, we take a look at the history of rock and look at some fossils of the genre. From the early 1950s with trendsetters like Elvis Presly taking the world by […]

Not “The Beatles” | The best classic rock bands that should be among the greatest of all time

The Beatles are probably the face of “Classic Rock”. The iconic band changed the face of rock music, but is it possible that their popularity has eclipsed the popularity and respect that several other bands deserve? This article will tell you about 8 of these classic rock bands and explain why we think they are […]

The day five hard-rock groups released heartbreaking albums

For Alice in Chains, their first album facelift represented an introduction to rock fans around the world. The group cut their teeth in Seattle, hosting house parties and local clubs as part of the burgeoning grunge movement. The band’s distinct sound caught the attention of Columbia Records, who quickly signed a recording contract with Alice […]

The 25 best heavy rock bands of all time on YouTube, ranked by their most popular video

Have you ever wondered how various artists in the metal and hard rock communities stack up when it comes to YouTube views, Apple Music streams, pure album sales, ticket sales (back then? one thing … and when they do again) and other metrics? Stream N ‘Destroy is a newsletter that features all of these things […]

Over 300 metal/hard rock bands ranked by their Spotify listeners for the last month

Another month and more bands added to the list! Last year, we started tracking monthly listener counts for hard rock and heavy metal artists. Spotify. Where did we get this data? Everything is accessible to the public on the artists’ pages. Advertising. Scroll to continue reading. Please note that this is not an exact science, […]

Six up-and-coming rock bands you need to hear – NEIU Independent

The era of Rock n’ Roll supremacy is over. Today’s airwaves are dominated by rap, hip-hop and pop artists, with occasional EDM songs. However, just because rock is no longer the preeminent category doesn’t mean capable artists aren’t honing their craft anymore. In fact, many underrated artists continue to release outstanding music with little to […]

Hollis Brown Set to Create Modern Rock Classic with “Ozone Park” Album Premiere – Billboard

After surviving a retro label on her previous efforts, Hollis Brown entered the new album Ozone park – released on June 7 and featured exclusively below – with a mission. “I think we wanted to make a statement that rock music can still be played in a modern way, but it’s still as good as […]

10 rock bands that need a Netflix biopic like Motley Crue’s dirt

Dirtiness, Netflix’s new biopic based on the life and times of “the world’s most famous rock band” Mötley Crüe, was recently dropped on the streaming service after spending years in development hell. The biopic received mixed reviews from critics, with some describing it as “a funny and gross whirlwind through one of the last great […]

The 20 Greatest British Rock Bands of All Time | London Evening Standard

F From hard rock to punk, new wave, indie and britpop, British bands have defined entire genres and influenced millions of rock fans over the years. The UK music scene has produced some of the world’s most iconic bands and artists, whose work remains equally popular and revered to this day. From Joy Division to […]

15 recent rock bands to know besides Greta Van Fleet

Photo Neilson Barnard / Getty Images Over the past year, Greta Van Fleet is the only young guitar group to have made their way to the golden god and blues of contemporary, fantasy and plastic music culture. On October 19, the group should finally release their first feature film, evoking the town, entitled “Anthem of […]

While traditional modern rock searches for soul, post-punk is on the rise

It’s no secret that traditional modern rock bands have struggled in recent years. If you know where to look, you’ll always find a seemingly endless amount of great music, but if you haven’t done your due diligence, you might just feel like the genre is lacking air. Bands like Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Bastille and […]

11 best rock bands in New Orleans

Vicki Peterson, formerly of The Bangles There is a good argument to be made that rock ‘n’ roll was invented in New Orleans in 1947 by Roy Brown with “Good Rocking Tonight”. Then you have Fats Domino, Little Richard (his first singles were recorded in New Orleans) and everything else from Cosimo Matassa’s J&M studio. […]

Cheap Trick are one of the greatest rock bands of all time – why aren’t they in the Hall of Fame?

Last week, Billboard published an enlightening article on the process by which an individual band or musician is elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. In particular, the article shed light on the secret nature of the voting system and the mafia code of silence that surrounds it: the members of […]

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