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Classic rock band America performs ‘Horse with No Name’ at the Weinberg Center in Frederick

Classic rock band America continues to perform after more than half a decade. Learn more about the rockers before their concert in Frederick, Maryland. Listen to our full conversation on my “Beyond the Fame” podcast. WTOP’s Jason Fraley Gives a Glimpse of America at the Weinberg Center (Part 1) They delivered classic rock hits from […]

A List of the Top Ten Classic Rock Albums | 100.7WZLX

The Ten Greatest “Fourth” Classic Rock Albums The first historical albums are usually made with little means and they somehow grab our attention and change our path. Sometimes they even stop us in our tracks. The excellent sophomore albums prove that the first was no lucky accident and the third hints that this band could […]

Classic Rock Legends CACTUS Live Concert Finally Sees An Official Release

This is where it all began for the quartet dubbed “The American Led Zeppelin” – on a 1970 bill that also included The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Grateful Dead and Steve Miller Band. Vocalist Rusty Day, guitarist Jim McCarty, bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice, collectively known as Cactus, made their auspicious debut at their […]

Obituary: John Miles, musician whose most famous hit is the classic rock ballad, Music

Death: December 5, 2021. JOHN Miles, who died at the age of 72, was a singer and songwriter whose composition, Music, became a classic rock track, which traveled far beyond its 1970s roots. Written and recorded for his debut album, Rebel (1976), Music is a first-person ode to the redemptive power of his subject. The […]

Classic rock, comedy, musicals and more

January 6-1) Zeppelin II Classic Albums Live was scheduled for a three-concert series in Dayton for the 2019-20 season. “Abbey Road” premiered in November, followed by Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” in late February. Of course, the pandemic shutdowns a few weeks later caused May’s final concert, “Led Zeppelin II,” to be postponed. […]

Top 10 2021 albums of the new generation of Classic Rock

As Neil Young sang a few generations ago, “Rock’n’roll can never dieWith that in mind, we present below the top 10 2021 albums of the new generation of Classic Rock. Rock music, like any cultural presence, has inevitably fluctuated over the years, but the current moment seems to harbor a particularly prolific movement of young […]

10 most important acts that shaped punk rock music

Punk has become emblematic of everything rebellious. If rock is the genre that gives authority to the middle finger, then punk hits authority in the jaw and spits in his bruised face. Punk has its roots in the early 1960s, with bands primarily from the Detroit music scene rejecting popular conventions of mainstream rock. Bands […]

11 groups leading the revival of classic rock

The general sound, aesthetics and attitude of rock music have changed a lot over the decades. The blues is where it all started, and it eventually evolved into rockabilly and regular rock’n’roll in the 1950s. From the mid to late 1960s there was psychedelic rock and then some. artists began to use a lot of […]

Publication of the book The Venue That Changed Rock Music Forever

Book ‘Fillmore East: The Venue That Changed Rock Music Forever’ available now from journalist / photographer Frank Mastropolo This year marks the 50th anniversary of the closure of Fillmore East, promoter Bill Graham’s rock mecca in New York’s East Village. A celebrity show on June 27, 1971, conducted by the Allman Brothers Band, the J. […]

Four new jazz albums take inspiration from the classic rock era

Considering that the music of the classic rock era dates back about 50 years, today it falls under the “oldies” category. As jazz musicians have always found their inspiration in the musical past, the music of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead and Bob Marley may be the new “standards” ripe for the exploration […]

Robert Plant says old rock bands look “decrepit”

Led Zeppelin will always be one of the greatest rock’n’roll groups in musical history, even if his own Robert Plant sometimes doesn’t care. Plant has always been critical of Zeppelin. There are songs he really likes, like “Kashmir”. But there are also songs he absolutely despises, including one of Zeppelin’s greatest hits, “Stairway to Heaven”. […]

The pillars of classic rock Foreigner will perform at Everett

EVERETT – If you were a teenager in the late 1970s and early 1980s, you would hear Foreigner everywhere – from rock ‘n’ roll radio stations to the eight-track turntable in your car. Now you can see them live in Everett. Foreigner, one of the best-selling rock bands of all time, is scheduled to perform […]

Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ gets reissue treatment – Delco Times

Last month marked the 30th anniversary of not only the greatest metal release in history, but also one of the best-selling albums of all time in Metallica’s eponymous 1991 LP, commonly referred to as “The Black Album “. Now, the Bay Area-based hard rock titans are celebrating this Friday with a new release of the […]

Stairway to Heavy: Jazz Artists Riff on Classic Rock Canon

Classic rock, especially of the Woodstock era, has grown from middle-aged to old-fashioned status during the 21st century. Four recent jazz projects shine a light on the venerable subgenre’s outsized influence, with covers of seminal material from a blues-based supergroup, folk-rock icons, the ultimate guitar hero and the original jam band. . At Whole Lotta […]

Hollywood rewind | Almost Famous: Rock Bands, Music Journalism, and The Chase of Dreams

There are many movies about rock stars and famous people. But what about a fictional band that’s about to take over the music world, with a teenage rock journalist chasing it? Almost famous speaks of Stillwater, one of those bands whose animosity of its guitarist and lead singer smolders in the shadows, and of its […]

Drummer Charlie Watts was the backbone of the Rolling Stones – Delco Times

When the Rolling Stones announced earlier this month that their longtime partner Steve Jordan will be replacing Charlie Watts on drums for upcoming ‘No Filter’ concerts, with the latter recovering from a ‘procedure’ Not disclosed, there was a collective holdback. by longtime fans of the band. Watts was 80 years old after all, was his […]

Glash: Odisha’s rendezvous with rock music

Glash was not a melodic night but a rock band – the group of passionate and courageous young people often pleaded. The dogmatic environment could not see the difference between the two. Odisha and in particular Cuttack have organized melodic evenings (orchestral groups) promoted by music professionals from Odia, giving public performances during Puja and […]

What famous rock bands have Barking and Dagenham played?

Posted: 17:03 Aug 6, 2021 Next weekend promises to be a feast for the ears with two days of celebrations. The Becontree 100 Festival kicks off August 14 as part of the Becontree Forever Weekender, followed a day later by the Roundhouse Music Festival. The Boomtown Rats, Neville Staple from The Specials, Dr Feelgood, and […]

Ludic’s Ayla Tesler-Mabe on classic rock epiphanies, stylistic twists and funk guitar as a “bed of sound”

“I remember about a year after I started playing, I started to learn the Back in black solo; [that’s when] I discovered vibrato. I was like, ‘It actually sounds, for a brief moment here and there, kinda like the song!’ “ Playful guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe recalls the defining moment of her teenage years when she […]

Should Crayola launch a line of classic rock pencils? We think so! | 100.7 WZLX

Today on the air, I hypothesized that the Crayola the company could start a business by introducing a line of Classic Rock pencils. This was requested after playing “Rock and Roll” from Led Zeppelin [IV] and reminiscent of the gray color theme of this iconic album cover. It was the shadow of the crumbling wall […]

Classic laser rock shows are back at the Saint-Louis planetarium

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – You can travel back in time during the McDonnell Planetarium laser show series. The dome will merge art, light, with a classic art soundtrack with stunning visuals. The St. Louis Science Center claims 3D atmospheric effects are an unforgettable experience. Laser shows have been an attraction at the planetarium for decades. […]

21 most iconic rock music from the 80s

The ’80s are best known for punk rock, preppies, funk, New Wave, and voluminous hair. Fashion was outrageous like the music people made. It gave birth to the rap and breakdance that many Millennials now consider old school. However, the 1980s also marked some of the most iconic events in the realm of music. rock […]

Eight classic rock bands that fascinated the world

New Delhi: If there is one genre of music that has received more than an equal share of contempt and devotion from fans, it would undoubtedly be Rock n Roll. Presented by some as havoc on their ears while for others a door to a new world, rock music has certainly made many mouths talk […]

Parrot named Tico goes viral for singing classic rock

He repeats the classics. Rock’n’roll has a new star: it has a lot of fans, is prone to colorful, feathery clothes, and it can moan hits better than others. Tico, a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, has gathered 135,000 YouTube subscribers who watch the animal perform popular rock songs, including “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind, […]

There’s an all-time new classic rock song ‘Number One’

The greatest rock and roll song of all time isn’t “Stairway to Heaven”, “Layla” or “Freebird”. This Memorial Day weekend, the house of rock and roll performed its annual countdown to the 500 best songs of all time. The countdown also coincided with the 45th anniversary of WPDH’s first signing as a rock station in […]

Historicity of music | Music Genres, Part 2: British vs American Rock Music | Entertainment

Which is better: UK rock music or US rock music? Continuing our review of musical genres, the answer to this question, provided at the end of today’s episode, is already known to astute readers familiar with previous columns of Music Historicity. Much like the issue of CDs versus vinyl albums, a discussion of rock music […]

Modern covers of old songs | Classic rock covers

[Photos via YouTube] Even though we are always on the lookout for new things, covers old songs from our favorite artists are always gifts welcomed with open arms. There’s something about a cover that’s always exciting, especially when it’s other musicians showing off their karaoke skills. It’s cool to see the artist put his signature […]

Pioneer women in heavy metal and hard rock

You can count on two hands the pioneering women of heavy metal and hard rock music. That said, these artists – from the Runaways to Vixen to the late Wendy O. Williams – set the stage. and set the bar high for those who came after. And there are many – the Butcher Babies, Lzzy […]

The freshest rock music comes from the Sahara desert: three essential artists

The image of the Sahara Desert with camels, tents, and robed men playing Fender guitars is a confusing but incredibly cool thing to see. When most people think of rock music, they rarely associate it with African culture. The modern guitar, especially electric, is mainly assumed by Western culture. But for the Tuaregs, the guitar […]

Over 300 metal/hard rock bands ranked by their Spotify listeners for the last month

Another month and more bands added to the list! Last year, we started tracking monthly listener counts for hard rock and heavy metal artists. Spotify. Where did we get this data? Everything is accessible to the public on the artists’ pages. Advertising. Scroll to continue reading. Please note that this is not an exact science, […]

10 rock bands that need a Netflix biopic like Motley Crue’s dirt

Dirtiness, Netflix’s new biopic based on the life and times of “the world’s most famous rock band” Mötley Crüe, was recently dropped on the streaming service after spending years in development hell. The biopic received mixed reviews from critics, with some describing it as “a funny and gross whirlwind through one of the last great […]

The 20 Greatest British Rock Bands of All Time | London Evening Standard

F From hard rock to punk, new wave, indie and britpop, British bands have defined entire genres and influenced millions of rock fans over the years. The UK music scene has produced some of the world’s most iconic bands and artists, whose work remains equally popular and revered to this day. From Joy Division to […]

15 recent rock bands to know besides Greta Van Fleet

Photo Neilson Barnard / Getty Images Over the past year, Greta Van Fleet is the only young guitar group to have made their way to the golden god and blues of contemporary, fantasy and plastic music culture. On October 19, the group should finally release their first feature film, evoking the town, entitled “Anthem of […]

The 100 Most Popular Rock Bands of All Time

1. The Beatles John Pratt / Keystone / Getty Trained in: Liverpool, UK in 1960All album sales in the United States: 178.0 millionMost popular album: The BeatlesAnnual Wikipedia page visits: 9 168 431 Detailed results and methodology Rock music is unique in that the artists mostly work together and release music as groups or ensembles […]

Bland on Blonde: Why the old rock music canon is over | Music

RRock’s headlong rush into the seriousness of the 1970s had many adverse effects. There was progressive rock, jam, no singles to be released – and the idea that the two decades since Elvis had produced enough music of sufficient value to produce a canon. In 1974, like a university English department sending a reading list […]

List of Spotify’s Best Rock Bands: 6 Things That May Surprise You

Today (July 13), the nation’s most popular streaming service shared rankings by genre that audiences normally don’t have access to – Spotify’s most popular rock bands. The occasion is International Rock n Roll Day (centered around the anniversary of the 1985 Live Aid concert) and the big reveal features the 21 most listened to rock […]

Rock Bands Go Disco: Why The Killers, Arcade Fire and More Return to the Late ’70s

There might not be a more logical career choice for a band like The Killers to make in 2017 than hitting the clubs. When new single “The Man” strutted the internet on a Wednesday afternoon like ’77 John Travolta, with a growling synth hook, pounding drum beat, and peacocking Brandon Flowers chorus (in half-falsetto, natch), […]

20 awesome country songs from rock bands

File photo of the eagles At its core, rock n ‘roll is half country and half blues, but sometimes there is a little more of one of these elements in a song than the other. Other times there are many more. Hence the often used descriptors “blues rock” and “country rock”. The Eagles are perhaps […]

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