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Gustavo Santaolalla’s unlikely path to Oscar gold

Gustavo Santaolalla is perhaps the only Oscar-winning film composer to have been in prison. Before moving to Los Angeles in the late 1970s, Santaolalla was a Latin rock musician in his native Argentina, which was engulfed in what became known as “the dirty war”. Dissidents, artists and many opponents of the military dictatorship have been […]

The Go-Go’s Beauty and the Beat changed rock music forever

During the induction of the Go-Go’s at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on October 30, 2021, actress Drew Barrymore spilled a secret: the new wave band’s 1981 album, The beauty and the Beastchanged her life when she heard it at the age of 6. She told the crowd that she “spent hours watching […]

Bach to Rock Music School Announces Franchisee Spotlight Campaign

By: From Bach to Rock | 0 shares 138 readings Top franchise owners share expert tips for success in 4-part series March 11, 2022 // Franchising.com // Bethesda, MD – Bach to Rock today announces the launch of its Franchise Pitch Campaign, which will feature top Bach to Rock music school owners sharing their tips […]

What to stream: 2 very different projects about rock music personalities | Entertainment

This week, two projects revolving around legendary 20th-century rock figures were streamed, though the topics and projects couldn’t be more different. First, the documentary “Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliche” will be in theaters nationwide on Wednesday for a one-night-only big-screen event before becoming available for digital rental on Friday. Pioneering punk princess Poly Styrene, […]

Houston’s Hyro the Hero brings a mixtape mentality to rock music

Houston rapper Hyro the Hero isn’t much of a rapper. His music is inspired by hard rock as well as hip-hop. He has collaborated with Disturbed, Hellyeah and Atreyu and has Slipknot at the top of his list of dream collaborators. Photo: José Cantu / José Cantu Hyro The Hero grew up in Southeast Houston […]

Embark on a Guided Tour of the Rock Music History of the Bay Area | Ap

SAN JOSE, Calif .– Mike Katz and Crispin Kott want to take you on a journey through the history of Bay Area music. If you’re a game, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the “Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area,” their cool new book […]

Embark on a Guided Tour Through Bay Area Rock Music History | Entertainment

SAN JOSE, Calif .– Mike Katz and Crispin Kott want to take you on a journey through the history of Bay Area music. If you’re a game, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the “Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area,” their cool new book […]

Embark on a guided tour through the rock music history of the Bay Area – East Bay Times

Mike Katz and Crispin Kott want to take you on a journey through the history of Bay Area music. If you’re into a game, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the “Rock and Roll Explorer Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area,” their cool new book detailing where Jerry […]

Stonover Inn Turns From Rock Music Producer to Former Broadway Star and ‘West Wing’ Actress | Central Berkshires

LENOX – Many locals still call it “the duck farm” – officially, the Stonover Inn, a historic Under Mountain Road property owned for 20 years by former rock music producer Tom Werman and his wife, Suky, an educator who reinvented himself as an art gallery curator for the farm’s renovated barn. Randy Grimmett and Allison […]

classic rock Kansas unit at Ocean AC; Nobu extending to Caesars; BIG winner at Resorts, plus

As is the case with virtually every classic rock era band still on the stage, the original Kansas lineup is no longer intact. Among the missing are the two most prominent former Kansans, Walsh and the violinist Robbie steinhardt, died of complications from pancreatitis on July 17 at the age of 71. No doubt some […]

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes Art Exhibit Comes to Town – Daily Local

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes are known for bridging the gap between music and art with their outlandish art exhibitions and most recently with the release of their one-of-a-kind coffee table art book “The Insides of Artists Written by Outsiders”. which features artwork and stories from world-renowned and emerging talent in the music, art and action […]

Eight classic rock bands that fascinated the world

New Delhi: If there is one genre of music that has received more than an equal share of contempt and devotion from fans, it would undoubtedly be Rock n Roll. Presented by some as havoc on their ears while for others a door to a new world, rock music has certainly made many mouths talk […]

Black Music Month Begins – Daily Local

Black Music Month kicks off this month and features reissues of classics from some of the world’s greatest artists including Charles Mingus, Curtis Mayfield, Milt Jackson & Ray Charles, Zapp & Roger, The Drifters, The Time and Miles’ unreleased music. Davis and Roberta Flack. Influential black artists paved the musical roads for generations to come, […]

Pioneer women in heavy metal and hard rock

You can count on two hands the pioneering women of heavy metal and hard rock music. That said, these artists – from the Runaways to Vixen to the late Wendy O. Williams – set the stage. and set the bar high for those who came after. And there are many – the Butcher Babies, Lzzy […]

Phil Spector, producer who transformed rock music, dies in prison at 81

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Phil Spector, the eccentric and revolutionary music producer who transformed rock music with his “Wall of Sound” method and was later convicted of murder, has passed away. He was 81 years old. California State Prison officials said he died of natural causes in a hospital on Saturday. Spector was convicted of […]

Six up-and-coming rock bands you need to hear – NEIU Independent

The era of Rock n’ Roll supremacy is over. Today’s airwaves are dominated by rap, hip-hop and pop artists, with occasional EDM songs. However, just because rock is no longer the preeminent category doesn’t mean capable artists aren’t honing their craft anymore. In fact, many underrated artists continue to release outstanding music with little to […]

Q&A: Guitarist Zack Feinberg talks about Revivalists’ place in modern rock

Modern rock often struggles to stay innovative and avoid clichés. The Revivalists try to separate themselves from the plethora of groups facing this problem with their energetic live performances. The New Orleans-based eight-person rock band released their fourth album, “Take good care,“ in November 2018, and will perform at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles […]

Modern ’80s rock band The Dream Syndicate continues with “These Times”

SEATTLE, WA – AUG 31: Jason Victor, Steve Wynn and Mark Walton of The Dream Syndicate … [+] performs at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival on August 31, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Suzi Pratt / FilmMagic) MovieMagic The Dream Syndicate, the alternative rock band associated with Los Angeles’ Paisley Underground scene from […]

15 recent rock bands to know besides Greta Van Fleet

Photo Neilson Barnard / Getty Images Over the past year, Greta Van Fleet is the only young guitar group to have made their way to the golden god and blues of contemporary, fantasy and plastic music culture. On October 19, the group should finally release their first feature film, evoking the town, entitled “Anthem of […]

How Much Money Classic Rock Bands Make on Tour – Quartz

It’s no rumor: Lindsey Buckingham, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, is pursue former group mates, saying that cutting him off from their current tour deprived him of up to $ 14 million. According to the costume Buckingham attorneys filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this week that Fleetwood Mac struck a deal with Live Nation for […]

While traditional modern rock searches for soul, post-punk is on the rise

It’s no secret that traditional modern rock bands have struggled in recent years. If you know where to look, you’ll always find a seemingly endless amount of great music, but if you haven’t done your due diligence, you might just feel like the genre is lacking air. Bands like Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Bastille and […]

11 best rock bands in New Orleans

Vicki Peterson, formerly of The Bangles There is a good argument to be made that rock ‘n’ roll was invented in New Orleans in 1947 by Roy Brown with “Good Rocking Tonight”. Then you have Fats Domino, Little Richard (his first singles were recorded in New Orleans) and everything else from Cosimo Matassa’s J&M studio. […]

20 awesome country songs from rock bands

File photo of the eagles At its core, rock n ‘roll is half country and half blues, but sometimes there is a little more of one of these elements in a song than the other. Other times there are many more. Hence the often used descriptors “blues rock” and “country rock”. The Eagles are perhaps […]

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