The Classic Rock Show hits the Crawley stage

The Classic Rock Show

Upcoming dates include Tuesday January 25 at The Hawth in Crawley.

Music director James Cole said: “It’s been tough. When this tour takes place, it will be two years since we managed to get out and tour.

“It was January/February 2020 and we were lucky to have managed to put on 26 shows during that time. We traditionally tour in January and February in the UK and our last gig was on the 26th February and that could have known what was going to happen after that?

“Fortunately, we filmed this show on DVD and you watch it and think about it and you watch this sold-out show at the end of February 2020 and you just think about what happened next.

“When the lockdown came we had just finished touring and were planning to tour Europe and the US later on but of course that didn’t happen.

“We considered doing shows in 2021 and we are still trying to do a UK tour at the start of the year, but there were so many shows that were postponed to 2021 from 2020 that it was not there just wasn’t really the space available for us so we missed an entire year.

The ramifications were enormous.

“There were 30 to 40 independent musicians and crew, from lighting to sound to everything, people who relied on these kinds of shows.

“I really, really hope it’s safe for us to be able to continue this tour.

“And of course it’s tough mentally.

“We jumped on the bandwagon, like everyone else, to do home recordings. We have fantastic musicians based all over the world and we’ve managed through modern technology to keep playing together somehow and for us it was good for the soul, just for continue to be creative.

“From a mental health perspective, the impact is really huge.

“It plays with your mind so much. You can’t plan anything.

“All you can do is hope, but I believe the thirst and thirst for live music has never been stronger from an audience perspective. Life is about trust, so let’s hope that there is trust there.

If the tour can continue, it will be the perfect boost for everyone.

“The show pays homage to its favorite rock heroes.

“The 2022 show is the most ambitious set list I have ever released.

“All we want is for people to come and watch and reminisce and go back to when they first heard those great hits and just to celebrate with us that great music.

“A lot of it is music that you can’t hear live anymore because either the musicians aren’t with us anymore or they’re not touring anymore, and there’s nothing like hearing that music live. It’s a fantastic experience.

“We’re actually talking about late 60s to late 70s music, but over time other artists like Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith fall into that category.

“I like to challenge the musicians every year. There is also an element of education.

“It would be very easy to play the top 20 songs that you would expect but I also like to try to include… well I wouldn’t call them the most obscure but I want to go beyond the most obvious.

“We once did the 15 minute Telegraph Road from Dire Straits.

“I like to balance the set with the big, well-known songs that we obviously have to do and some that will surprise the audience more.”

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