Timely Writer’s classic rock, pop and R&B songs for Manchester landmarks

Listening suggestion during the meeting with the Mill Girl statue: “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”. File photo / David Casinghino

My attempt to tie classic rock, pop and R&B songs to the landmarks of Manchester. (Bonus: bookmark and listen to this compilation of soundtracks via Queen City’s playlist on YouTube.)

Currier Museum: “Every Image Tells a Story” (Rod Stewart, 1971)

Statue of a mill girl: “Silver thread and gold needles” (Linda Ronstadt. 1969)

The Merrimack River and Mt. Uncanoonuc: “River Deep Mountain High” (Tina Turner, 1966)

Mall of New Hampshire: “Material Girl” (Madonna, 1984)

UNH Manchester and SNHU: “You better think” (Aretha Franklin, 1968)

Derryfield Park: “I can see for miles” (The Who, 1967)

Manchester Courthouse: “Can I get a witness“(Marvin Gaye, 1964)

Creepy Santa: “Every Breath You Take” (Police, 1983)

New England International Institute: “People Must Be Free” (The Rascals, 1969)

Delta Dental Stadium: “Centerfield” (John Fogerty, 1985)

“I am an alligator. I’m a daddy-mum who comes for you… ”David Bowie’s anthem could also be a cool hymn for the SEE Science Center. Courtesy photo

SEE Science Center: »Dream of Moonag“(David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, 1972)

Oscillate Rimmon Park: “Take a walk on the wild side” (Lou Reed, 1972)

Amoskeag Falls: “Over the tears” (Marianne Faithfull, 1965)

Manchester Highways Department: “Fixing a Hole” (The Beatles, 1967)

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