Victorian rock music artist STEVE MOFFITT continues to raise the bar with his addictive, classic rock sound

MFinely using contrasting sound elements to organize his melodic line, an artist who greatly shaped the genre of rock with his unique, nostalgic and powerful sound is STEVE MOFFIT. the Music Artist Victoria Rock encases a deep passion for the rock scene and draws influence from blues, rock, soul and adult contemporary sounds to connect a bit more with audiences. The artist’s growing buzz in the music industry proves his high caliber and special characteristics that would quickly put him on top of all charts. Driving with the pure essence of rock in his music, the artist has released many tracks that define his enthusiastic taste. Few examples are songs like LIVE HARD‘, ‘COREY’, ‘Little Baby Girl’ and ‘LONLINESS’ which precisely draw on the ambience of the emotional energy associated with its raw sound to envelop listeners with the classic rock feeling. While some songs explore the singer’s emotional attributes, others take an exciting melodic rock journey to illustrate effect. The talented singer has smartly expanded his potential with various songs that showcase his versatile musicality.

Coming from Victoria, STEVE MOFFITT is a singer, songwriter, pianist, drummer and also record producer whose music is primarily a fine infusion of blues, rock and country. The singer creates music that is both musical and lyrical. Her charming raw voice amplifies the effect of her sound work which instantly transports listeners into a different state of mind. Built under the MOFFITT label, all his songs quickly spark interest, and audiences sign up to embrace a musical journey worth escaping in volumes. His artistry is incredibly commendable and will ensure a lasting presence on the rock scene. The artist is now preparing to release his first COLORFULL project. Follow him on Soundcloud, Youtubeand Facebook for more updates.

Listen to Steve Moffitt’s “LIVING HARD” on Soundcloud:

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