Why rock music is so popular with slot machines

Online slot machines are one of the most popular casino games, they are fun, quick to play and require little skill. There is a wide range of Slot machines on the internet, each with different themes to meet a wide audience with different internets.

One type of slot that is becoming increasingly popular with players is music-themed slots. There are games inspired by classical music, pop tracks and iconic bands. Rock and heavy metal genres are particularly popular, players are likely to find some of these games on any slot site they visit.

But why are rock music themed slots so popular? Here are some reasons why rock slots are played more than other themed games:

Rock music could help improve gamers’ concentration

One of the reasons rock music is so great is that it’s supposed to help improve concentration.

Rock music is often used by students when studying, it can boost creativity and mood and help them focus on the task at hand. Instrumental rock might be the best for concentration because there are no lyrics to distract you.

Most rock themed slots will have a soundtrack with this music playing throughout the game. This soundtrack can be a playlist of an iconic rock band or can be a combination of a certain number of successes of different rock stars and similar groups.

Players enjoy the familiarity of their favorite music tracks

Another reason why these slot machines are so popular with players is familiarity. Players like to see and hear things they recognise, maybe they regularly listen to rock music or have branded clothing and merchandise from famous bands like Guns and Roses.

These rock slots give players a sense of nostalgia, they may evoke memories of listening to iconic rock bands as a teenager with friends or attending the band’s concerts and shows.

Although there are slots themed around almost every genre of music, rock is something that is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. This makes it a very familiar type of music.

Provides a more energetic gaming experience

Rock themed slots are fun, fast and have a very positive feel. Rock music can increase a player’s energy, making them feel pumped and excited to play.

Different types of music evoke different emotions, and rock music, especially the more upbeat tracks, often makes listeners feel happy, energized, or even euphoric. Naturally, players will choose the games most likely to boost their positive mood and enthusiasm.

So, what rock-themed slot machines are players currently enjoying on the internet?
Here are some examples of the most popular rock music themed slot games available online:

Guns N’ Roses Slot – NetEnt

The Guns N’ Roses video slot developed by NetEnt is available to play at a number of online slot sites; Released in 2016, it is a three row, five reel slot with 20 paylines.

Players will hear the famous band’s electrifying guitar riffs in the background as they spin the reel. Even the symbols and wilds are rock themed in this slot, the wilds are represented by the Guns N’ Roses logo and give players the chance to win bigger payouts.

Other nice features of the game include Crowd Pleaser bonus and Encore free spins. This slot has been optimized for mobile and PC and the wagering options range from £0.20 to £200.

Jimi Hendrix – NetEnt

Another rock themed slot released by NetEnt in 2016 is the Jimi Hendrix Slot, this is a five reel, three row slot machine with 20 paylines. The main wild symbol you will spot in this game is Jimi Hendrix himself.

Hendrix fans love the Purple Haze symbol which activates the Wild transformation power. The slot design is bold and colorful, representative of the 70s era in which Hendrix found fame.

There is also the Red Guitar Respin, the red guitar is the highest paying symbol in the game and when players have the symbol on all reels. When this happens the response function is triggered and will continue until no red guitar is present.

heavy metal warriors

A little different from most rock slots is the Heavy Metal Warriors slots game from iSoftBet. The paylines in this game give players 243 chances to win! The game’s soundtrack could probably be described more as soft rock rather than heavy metal as the title suggests.

The visual aspects of this game are dark and creative. The theme is based on a popular magazine from the 70s aimed at adults. This slot machine provides generous multipliers which are 500x to 5,000x the initial amount wagered by the player.

These are just a few examples of rock and roll themed slot games. The rock music genre is great for this type of game and really enhances the player experience.

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