Winsome, lies and classic rock

Winner, lose


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United States today preleased a report on November 3 announcing “historic firsts” for candidates of color in the November 2 election.


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The words “Winsome” and “Sears” are particularly missing from the original version of the article.

“As the polls closed on Tuesday night, states across the country saw an array of candidates of color rack up electoral victories in historic results,” the front line reads. United States today article titled “From Boston to Cincinnati, People of Color Won Local Election in Historic Firsts.”

He adds: “The gains range from municipal elections to state offices, in many cases the first time such positions have been won by people of color or candidates from marginalized communities.”

The report mentions Michelle Wu, who would become Boston’s first non-white female mayor. The article mentions Eric Adams, who will become the second black to serve as mayor of New York. The article even mentions Abdullah Hammoud, who would become the first Arab-American to serve as mayor of Dearborn, Michigan.

But the original version of the article, which was published early in the morning of November 3, made no mention of Winsome Sears, the Republican candidate who defeated Virginia Democrat Hala Ayala in the Virginia race for lieutenant governor.

Sears is black. She was born in Jamaica. She immigrated to the United States as a child and grew up in the Bronx. Sears then served in the United States Marine Corps from 1983 to 1986. She will now be Virginia’s first-ever female lieutenant governor.

Sounds like a “historic first”, doesn’t it?

United States today has finally updated their article to include the Sears victory in Virginia, attaching a curious editor’s note, which reads: “This story has been updated to reflect the additional races that were called Wednesday . ”

This is curious because Sears has been named the projected winner of the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia race. relatively early in the evening, a few hours before United States today article has been published. Sears even delivered a victory speech before United States today the story has been uploaded.

It’s tempting to take this as an isolated case, but forgive me if I’m a little sensitive to the issue of the media shrinking minorities that don’t follow the liberal line. Members of the press love to accuse minorities of being bad or even false minorities when they deviate from liberal orthodoxy. Comedian Dave Chappelle and New York Nets star Kyrie Irving, for example, have been accused of being pawns for the white man due to their respective critiques of the transgender community and vaccination mandates. So you will forgive me if I suspect that a similar dynamic is underway when a revolutionary “historic” black Republican woman is inexplicably left out of a position. United States today article on the “historic firsts” of the November 2 elections.

Save face

Someone is lying.

Last week the Intercept released a report seeking to explain how a Democrat-aligned coup targeting Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin has gone so horribly wrong.

On October 29, during a rainy campaign stop in the Charlottesville area, a group of khaki-clad actors wielding tiki torches, including a black man, lined up outside Youngkin’s campaign bus, chanting : “We’re all in for Glenn.

Staff members of the since-defeated Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe immediately took to the protest to accuse Youngkin of being the preferred candidate of the white supremacists.

“The Unite the Right rally was one of the darkest days in Commonwealth history,” McAuliffe spokeswoman Christina Freundlich said. “These are the supporters of Glenn Youngkin.”

Other McAuliffe campaign staff made similar comments on social media. More tellingly, Democratic agent Lauren Windsor, who helped coordinate the protest, feigned shock when footage of the protesters initially went viral.

However, within moments of sharing the photos on social media, it all fell apart. Even the weakest of the social media users called out to BS during the stunt. Democratic officials have disowned any involvement in the incident. Some even condemned him, calling on officials to apologize for using white supremacy to score cheap political points. The Lincoln Project later admitted responsibility for the protest. Windsor was also successful in coordinating the event.

Now, however, Windsor and the Lincoln Project claim the coup was actually pretty savvy and it was the McAuliffe campaign that initially claimed the protesters were white supremacists and a careless national press that failed.

“It was never meant to appear real”, Intercept reports, citing internal Lincoln Project emails that Windsor provided to “demonstrate that she had no intention of creating a hoax, allowing us to examine her inbox itself to demonstrate that the e -mails were not falsified “.

The report added: “The officers were ordered to reveal to any reporter who asked them that they were there on behalf of Project Lincoln. The problem for the actors: No one in the media approached them. They were probably scared off by the drizzle, said Pete Callahan, another Democratic agent. ”

There is a problem with this claim.

Reuters Washington, DC-based news photo editor Jim Bourg says reporters actually asked actors for their names and affiliations. Many times.

“We asked them on a number of occasions individually their names, who they were with and what group they represented, if any, and they didn’t say anything at all,” he said in response to the statement. Intercept report.

It seems more believable than the idea that journalists were “afraid of the drizzle”. It is common for an image editor to ask for the names and affiliations of people in photographs. This is for captioning purposes, mainly when the photos are intended for wide distribution on news services.

Again, someone is lying.

On the one hand, the tiki incident organizers, one of whom acted surprised when the incident was first reported. They have every reason to lie after having royally missed an ill-conceived political coup.

On the other hand is a Reuters Washington editor, who, well, it’s not clear why he would lie.

Classic rock is canceled

New York Times Opinion writer Jennifer Finney Boylan has found a new target for the cancellation crowd: classic rock.

From my cold, dead hands.

“The past few years have seen a reassessment of our nation’s many mythologies – from the legends of Confederation generals to the historic oblivion of the slave founding fathers,” Boylan writes in an article titled “Should Classic Rock Songs Be Overturned?” as Confederate Statues? ”

The article adds, “But as we take another look at the sins of our historical figures, we have also had to take a critical look at our more immediate past and present, including the behavior of the creators of pop culture. This reassessment now extends to the people who wrote some of our most beloved songs. But what to do with the art left behind? Can I still love their music if I am horrified by various events in the life of Johnny Cash, Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis? Or by the racist rants and anti-vaccination activism of Eric Clapton?

The answer is yes. “It’s relatively easy to separate art from artist. Curators learn to do this from a young age.

Indeed, only those people who have enjoyed an almost complete ideological grip on popular culture over the past decades, hearing their most cherished beliefs and positions repeated to them by nearly every actor and singer, would grapple with it. such a question in adulthood. .

“For a lot of baby boomers,” Boylan continues, “it’s painful to realize that some of the songs that first lodged in our memories as teenagers really need a second look. And it’s hard to explain why the younger versions of ourselves thought they were okay in the first place. ”

Boylan adds, “I want to live in a world where I can be moved by art, music and literature without having to make elaborate apologies for this work or its creators.”

Good news! You don’t need to make up elaborate stories to enjoy the music, nor do you need to have the assurance that the chef who prepared his meal is paying all of his taxes and supporting abortion. . Just enjoy the fucking steak.

You don’t even have to read the entire opinion piece to understand that the author is crazy. The story is premised on the idea that Don McLean’s “American Pie” is one of the “greatest” songs of all time, which it certainly isn’t. Instead, it’s one of the more teary, sweetest bits of the selfish feel good feeling. produced over the past 50 years, right next to John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”.

That Boylan address the issue of problem Popular music from the point of view that “American Pie” is a great song tells you right off the bat that the thought experiment is doomed.

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